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What about a Cheats%? It would be interesting to see how fast you can run a game with cheats... to see the difference

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Cheats is not a percentage.


Cheat% has been done before in games such as SA. It's basically just any% but with a hydra and infinite life, which makes it very boring to both play and watch


Cheat Pessint is far from boring. It is illegitimate, though, so that makes it feel like I am running the game for nothing, there is no value in it.

What makes it interesting is the speedup cheat PPGWJHT. It also features Running Dog x3 instapassing (which requires GOODBYECRUELWORLD for the 3rd BB dupe to be usable, anything less than x3 crashes the game) and Monster x3 (hesoyam x10 until you get free :D).

IMO, it deserves its spot in gtamemes where it already is:


flying cars are faster than hydra


Any cheat to repair damaged car or vehicle for PC?


depends on the game