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Don't know if someone has proposed this before, but I got the idea while watching a Halo relay race.

"Relay race" - a race between teams of two or more contestants with each team member covering a specified portion of the entire course.

The Halo relay race is being done in chronological order (Halo Reach before Halo CE). A GTA relay could be done in order of release date. Multiple teams, a runner on each team per game, maybe even multiple categories per game. Looks like a lot of fun.

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Sounds like some good GTAMarathon content and fun. Not sure how easy it'd be to organise though


how many teams could we possibly have.

the games that would be relayed would be these ones?
Vice city


I'm sure we could have at least 4 teams. There's at least 4 GTA V speedrunners.


I think GTA4 might be the bottleneck in this case, since no people run it.


i think maybe we could have kyle jolzi and me if needed on gta 4 if everyone is up for it


I see your point, S. The teams could be set up so that after adding up each team's member's predicted times, they end up being as close as possible.


Yeah this was proposed before but nothing came of it. Would love to see this happen.


finally you can finish your first full gta4 any% run scha_de


sounds fun but looks this idea is dead for now. Maybe when gta v will come out on pc or close to that date?


Yeah this has been proposed a few times in the past and I feel that history is going to repeat itself. Never the less I am taking part in the finally organized Crashlympics relay race and I think we should try and take their model instead of the traditional relay race and try to make this actually happen one day.

Basically, instead of a massive, 24+ hour race, they split the races into individual ones and each team scores points based on their position in each race. The team with the highest score once all the races are done wins.

This way, no one gets screwed over due to timezones/start times, and people can do multiple races per team if needed without staying up for days.