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The grind is real Kreygasm Ractrot is cleaning house. Looks like Fil got some competition for killing VC any% and looks like I have to find a new game to run Kappa


Gratz Ractrot 👍️ !!! Of course i had to miss WR run again 😕 -.- .

E: I like how we have ( Y ) emote,nice 😛.


Gratz Rac of course :9

Had a nice streaming day 🙂 Not a nice PB and not the wanted sub 2hr.. but chat was so nice and all the people 🙂 Just awesome!
Love this community ! 🙂



Grats on your new pb, MuXu, and awesome new WR, Ractrot!

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Party is back on #welcome gta OGEid DatSheffy DatSheffy


Congrats, Ractrot. Just did VC Cutscene% for a special and still managed to get sub 2:50. lol So I could easily get sub 2 if I did Any% now.


I think a moderator should retime Ractrot's recent WR. The reason I say this is because he encounters game freezes starting from ~27:00-28:05(twitch player) and he also split early for the first cutscene and late for the last.

Went through the freezes and they lose a combined total of 4.2seconds; so with his early/late splits considered his time should be 1:26:01.

gz, Ractrot 🙂

If a mod is wondering if retiming due to game freezes is false, then look at this: don't embed)
Sorry for being an annoyance. :x


Game freezes are a gigantic pain in the butt, and I agree that they should not be included in the final time, since it's beyond the control of the runner. They happen very rarely, and it would be a bummer to lose time to it.

Congrats to Ractrot on having an even more amazing run than I thought!
Also congrats to Vegeto for getting an amazing new GTA3 run. Hail Canada!


Funny thing about that freeze is that for me it showed as a loading screen, but apparently it got recorded as the screen freezing right before it. Tbh, I'm pretty indifferent on whether to exclude the time lost there or not.

I didn't realize my splitting was so bad that it alone brings the time to 1:26:05. Still going auto-splitterless and proud though. 😛


Gz again, Ractrot 🙂 For the retime thingy, I knew you'd manage another pb, so I wasn't too worried about it being changed. 😛


Mods: I updated my last GTA IV Classic% run submission with a link to a YouTube vid instead of the Twitch highlight. The video received multiple copyright notices as a result of the in-game radio. I'm seeing that the video is blocked in what looks like every country around the globe. Are you getting a "This video is blocked in your country..." message when trying to view the video. If so.....I'm not sure what I can do as Twitch will remove the highlight due to it being over two hours. If I split it up into multiple < 2 hour highlights on Twitch, it'd still be muted at certain parts due to the content ID system. Just let me know if there's anything more I should do. Thanks.


Youre not bound to a 2 hour highlight restriction anymore. Just highlight the run and submit that.