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Give it to Site costs after site costs put it in the pot for the speed runners who are struggling to get to ESA.


^¤Even if¤ it would be saved for runners who are struggling to get to ESA, I think it should be for WR owners of GTA games and/or second place in the leaderboards for commentary.

Please note that I'm not saying people who dont have WRs are not important in the community, and hell, I would pay for everybody to get to ESA if I could but I don't think the "community money" (if it can be called that) should be spent on people's ESA travel costs 😕


Mh I kinda think we should first look that helpers of this community get some money back for what they spend for this, before we could think about prizes 😖


Save it and gain interest

Invest in the stock market

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Since Twitch Bux is given once a month, we could have a post/vote on where the money gained each month should go to. If that month we used Oasiz's server a lot, give it to him. Maybe we used the mumble server a lot that month? Maybe we had a load of SRL races.

Anyway, I think rather than deciding on what we should give it to right now, we should look at what we did and how much was earnt every month. If no good cause is found then save it for next month. Maybe once a month is too much, so save up the month for 3. Twitch Bux has a delay of 45 days so maybe looking back on what was done that long ago would be wise

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Melis, I think that is the wrong approach, looking blindly at WRs and shoving money in that direction isn't going to work. That would take the "running for fun" aspect out of the equation and people would grind records to get free paid vacations. I think this point of view has been covered elsewhere numerous times so I won't preach about it 😛

Personally I still feel uncomfortable on getting any kind of money but like I said to eidgod, I will make an exception for this only as long as everyone agrees on it. I won't use my internet for other stuff for a few days in this case in order to dedicate 100% bandwidth and test that things work well in advance so I consider it a reasonable compensation, I have to pay for my connection anyway and if things go wrong, I will be responsible for it.

Also Pac, I really think that you should accept some. I have provided various "wildcard" things like the old MTA server, race hypes, hosting for small files / etc.. (and now RTMP) but those are chump change compared to this site which acts like a central hub. You worked your ass off on getting this site to this shape, not to mention that you are still very active on maintaining it and if that domain name price tag is true, You should definitely not have to pay for it out of your own pocket. We are all in this stupid speedrunning hobby together, you shouldn't be broke because this is a contribution that serves everyone. Doing stuff for free is fun for a while but there are always costs that are involved on running a site like this and there will be a point where you will have to source some income to cover for the extra costs as it will otherwise have to come out of your paycheck. There is nothing wrong for accepting money with a service that clearly has already set you on the negative side with the budget. You are not selling yourself out or making this commercial, It's a small income that maintains something that a huge part of #gta already actively uses.
It's like having friends take a beer or two from the fridge now and then, I wouldn't really mind that but I wouldn't also mind if they threw something in return now and then, especially when I visit them.
But so much for that, that is my take on this

Shanz also deserves his share, these things cost bandwidth. For the previous argument, even if you run your server 24/7 regardless, you have to pay for the electricity / bandwidth usage. Like in the case of MTA, I many times held back on streaming or torrenting linux images because the server had so many users in it and I didn't want to kill the performance, it always comes out of somewhere.
Also if things break, he is the one who has to fix it or upgrade it, this is something that easily gets taken for granted.

These both are services that people (including me) use actively and and my vote goes that at least these two guys deserve their share.

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Yeah, that's why I don't think it should be spent for ESA trips at all, but my comment was my thoughts in case Eidgod/Shanz/community decides to spend it on such a thing. Since there wouldn't enough money to spend for everyone, there'd have to be... rules (?) about whose ESA trip we could pay for.

But I still think it's a silly idea and the money should first go to people who already spent their money/time for all of us.


I like what Joshimuz suggested. Instead of just making a thread like this and asking everybody where they want it to go, have a discussion each month when the money does come and determine what was used the most and donate the most money to that.

So split the $100 3 ways. Let's say you used oasiz's server a lot that month.
oasiz - 50 - 25
mumble - 25

That's just me, though.


I have question, how can i join GTA mumble, cant find any info on which server speedrunners are haning out n such.


Just PM Shanz or anyone who has details, Toriks. I can PM you it when I get home if you want.