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In an attempt to include as many people as possible, the race will officially take place on:

Saturday, April 28th, with a starting time of 12:00 EDT (this time is subject to change).

Something, something... Sunday somewhere in the world! gtaCoolStory

If you're planning on joining, please check out the first reply which includes information on an Any% starter route/guide

Check what time the race begins for your timezone with this link:

and a countdown - - Thank you, Josh

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If you're new to the IV Any% speedrun or just aren't so sure your current plan will get you through the run without issue, don't fret. I've created a guide that should basically get anyone through the IV Any% run, no matter what their pace is. With this guide, every single player should be able to get through the run without issue. I've uploaded it on my Google Drive. Link below.


Updated the route on 4/17 at 11:00 PM EDT

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The Any% splits can be found under the splits section of this resource page:

Only missions are included and the route is taken straight from the guide. Additional information, what you see in the red, light red, blue and black boxes within the starter route/guide, is not included. The additional information will have to be added by the user. Some people prefer for additional info to be included within mission splits, while others prefer entirely separate splits, sub splits, etc., and then there are those who will add absolutely nothing to these splits and will have the route document open, alongside the splits.

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