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I've heard some people say it's not allowed, but then some others have said it is allowed, and/or it's up to the mods discretion as to whether they approve it

So, is GInput (using Silent's ASI loader) allowed for III, VC and SA?

I understand it's technically a mod but it doesn't give any advantages over other runners, just allows controller support.

Plus if DLLs can be used to add windowed mode, is there any reason this can't be used?

I understand if it's not allowed, just think it's worth having an official answer since I could't find any threads on it.

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ginput is allowed. But as for sa use an older silent loader that doesn't have 30 fps fix.

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OK, cool.

Thanks for the answer Jolzi


So is the mouse fix for SA and VC allowed as well, then? (sensitivity fix)


blacklev: according to this thread, nobody cares


It would be retarded if it wasn't allowed after allowing ginput, so it's allowed implicitly, then.


How many grey areas is there tho? Like using cracked exe if you have the steam version of GTA3 so the cars aren't fucked.


Everything is grey unless it's explicitly allowed or banned, most things are grey so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

If something is problematic then we can either explicitly allow it or ban it, like memory monitoring, which is literally TAS (including the autosplitter and especially the 100% checklist, tbh)