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Can i be Mod for GTA Games i play like

TLAD TBoGT CTW and 5 ? 🙂
I am 24/7 online at this page and I could verify all times that are being requested (submit run)

I ask because it takes sometimes more than 2 days untill my run goes online in the leaderboards.

thanks 🙂 have a nice day guys


i agree but my vote is not counting 😛

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I've added you for CTW since we didn't really have anyone yet (not that there are any submissions ever).

For the other games, I don't really there's a need for more mods but that needs more input from other people. And also if you're the right person in that case.

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thanks 🙂 for the help

btw. i have a other problem with Trackmania Leaderboards.
I did create and designed the leaderboards for Trackmania2 yesterday, and a guy named kykinson was instantly everywhere Super Mod and i'm not sure why...

The other problem is that im not Super Mod on Trackmania2 Valley, so i can't add, the real Master of Trackmania Games, to a Super Mod too -> Yazzo

Send this problem via twitch message to pac but i think twitch has message problems, because my own last message i got is months ago

Thanks a lot . have a nice start in 2015 Lighnat0r and Pac_ and fil

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kykinson is super mod because he's a super mod for the series so he defaults to being super mod for every game in the series. If you don't want that, uncheck "Series moderators have power here". That way only the moderators set for that specific game will have power.
Make sure there actually are moderators though (you are a series mod as well so if you uncheck the option before setting yourself as a moderator for that game specifically, you will be locked out too.)

I've made you a super mod so you can add yazzo now.

I can't say if the twitch pm arrived or not as Pac is on sabbatical atm. It is pretty likely to end up in the Other folder which means no email notification which means probably missed. on irc, the forums here, or twitter are the best options for contact (in that order with regard to response time). Once PM's and some sort of support tickets are available those will be good options, but they aren't finished yet.

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nice support thanks 🙂