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Werster had a idea for bounties that use to happen on SDA here is the reddit thread if you care to read

Ill just get the ball rolling on this i will be paying these bounties in CAD for the following games

GTA 3 first person to get a sub 1:10:30 in Any% will get $50.00 CAD (Claimed By Chivu93 paid out at ESA 2015 during zotons hit and run run)

GTA VC first person to get sub 57:20 in Any% will get $50.00 CAD (Claimed by Mhmd_FVC)

GTA SA first person to get sub 5:00:00 in Any% will get $100 CAD (Claimed by Ultimaomega07)

GTA 4 first person to get sub 5:20:00 in Classic% will get $100 CAD

GTA 5 first person to get sub 7:00:00 in Classic% will get $100 CAD (Claimed by Datesl54)

^Deadline on all of these is December 31st 2015^ I Ryedawg14 will pay all these out through paypal

-KZ_FREW has added a bounty of $50 USD For VC read more here

-Kyledoesit has added a $100 USD bounty for Overcooler to get WR in gta 3 any% without duping (no deadline)

Good Luck

Yours Truly: Ryedawg14


the GTA4 bounty should be upped like x 48794561

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Kyledoesit has said he can get a 5:25 easy so a 5:20:00 should be possible


You missed a point, you need a deadline for these bounties. Wouldn't it be more interesting to do the lesser ran GTA games as well to get people running them?

VC sub 57:10 - I'd love to see that, I mean, people think sub 57:20 is possible but sub 57:10 would have to be the god run, everything would have to go right. If I was a betting man, I'd say Sleekness will get it.

On a side note, I find it funny that people have had ideas for bounties for a long time, even implemented them but it wasn't until someone big said it before people started listening.

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If I was a betting man, I'd say Sleekness will get it.

How does payout work?

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IMO Gta3 should be lowered to something like sub 1:10 and VC should be raised to sub 57:20. I'm certain that sub 1:10 is doable in 3 with a clean run and no lift-bridge bs (E2G).

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hello. ryedawg14 told me to post this here - this is my bounty for a non-sub1 VC runner to get sub1 -

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@s payout is through paypal, Run has to be accepted to the leader board to count.


@Odyssic everyone is more then welcome to make a bounty for those game ill update the top post when more show up


But who will do the payout Ryedawg?


better get some GTA Advance goals in there


everyone is more then welcome to add a time for a game they would like to see and ill add it to the thread i dont know enough about the other games to make a guess on what to set for a goal i hardly know what to set gta 3 and vc at


$39/$78 for wasting hours and hours on these games. Sounds very attracting and will definitely bring the right competition! Especially having the bounties inches away from WR holders! Deadline is cool as well! I hope runners aren't too late! Keep it up!

Very attracting!



Only one bounty remains ( GTA IV Classic%) no one runs this atm and the new strats found from any% should put you close to that time but for kyle and a few others its prolly free as can be.


well that was a interesting year with the only bounty left to be claimed was Classic% EleGiggle nice meme kyle could of smashed this easy but he stoped running classic and picked up any%

All of the bounties were paid out this year through paypal thanks to all the runners who beat these it was great achievements for everyone in the community. sadly i wont be doing this again next year i feel the whole idea was met with too much resistance from everyone they were ment to be for fun and not this super competitive thing that everyone thought they were suppose to be.

If you are wanting to make your own bounty thread i support you in that but this will be the last time i do this. thanks for a great 2015 here to 2016 everyone

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