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As most of you may already know, Anti was suspected of cheating in his VC runs since late August 28th 2017. On August 8th 2018, it was decided to held a private discussion to call him out and require him to present proof that the evidence against him were false or to make a confession.

Once called out on his cheating he decided to make a public confession that he shared on the #gta-vc channel of our GTA Speedrunning discord.

Once he confessed, he was unmodded from GTA III, VC, SA and VCS and all his cheated VC runs have been removed for the leaderboards, here's the list of all the cheated non-IL runs:
Any% - 8:26
No SSU - 50:54 - 51:02 - 51:19
AM - 2:11:16 - 2:11:36 - 2:14:05 - 2:16:42
100% - 4:45:53 - 4:50:36 - 5:07:35 - 5:09:31 - 5:19:37
Packages - 29:09
Robberies - 6:43
USJs -28:07 - 40:49

Then VC mods as well as III and VCS mods (games where anti had runs) held a discussion and decided on a ruling which is the following:

- Every legit runs (not cheated) will stay on the leaderboards (all of his GTA III and VCS runs as well as all VC runs prior to August 28th 2017)

- Anti will be suspended for 1 year from submitting runs for the leaderboard on in any games of the Grand Theft Auto series (game list on, suspension starting on August 9th 2018 and ending on August 8th 2019 included

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Update: After further investigation it has been found that Anti's GTA III runs have most likely also been cheated in the same fashion as the GTA:VC runs.

Anti was once again contacted about these claims, however this time seems reluctant to admit or disprove them.
It should also be noted that in the original "confession" pastebin the date and list of runs given was already not complete as it began in 2018 but runs from as early as August 2017 were already found to be cheated in the same way, Anti later also admitted to have started cheating in the correct timeframe.
There was also a previous incident involving GTA:SA which can now most likely be explained as cheating, once again using the same method as GTA:VC.

Because of these factors the relevant GTA mods again have had a discussion and have decided on a new ruling:

- Because of the cheating across multiple games and shifting timeframes, every run has been removed as we can no longer be without any doubt over any runs authenticity, and no longer wish to list any of Anti's runs on the leaderboard.

- Anti will be permanently banned from the leaderboard on in any games of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Edit: Powdinet made a full write up of the situation here:

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