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I was just seeing how I could do against BIGV10, since his was the only glitchless run on GT6 v1.22 posted here.

The fact that I beat the Marcherify "world record" was unintended and kind of funny. And I'm using quotes because if you decide to ignore the GT6 day-one patch and go the glitch route with v1.00, there are better runs out there, i.e. a guy on youtube named Irushimu posted a fairly impressive 3:39:44 months ago.

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A 3:39:44 really is impressive, goes to show we have a long way to go still.

in my defense I would be running 1.22 if I had the chance to, sadly the limited disc space on my PS3 does not allow me to patch even when I delete everything else on the hard drive.

However I do like the glitch route. If 1.22 ends up having some skips like 1.00 does it might be necessary to have an any% and any% glitchless category on here in order to have anyone able to compete in the way they like to play the game.

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I'd recommend checking out Irushima's run. The way he breaks some of the Kart tracks is as entertaining as it is effective. He also double skips races in both championships, and makes some smart car/race choices for cheating willow and ascari.

If more categories encouraged more competition, I'd be for it, but I don't know if that is the case.

Although in 2020 it may seem like v1.00 is a real thing, it never actually was for most players. The patches came automatically and they contained so much great stuff there was no reason not to have them. I started playing the original game disk on the day of release. I never even saw v1.00 until I saw the run here by killashrugamer. I was puzzled because it appeared that he had found a way to skip the license prize car animations. I got a used PS3 so I could load v1.00 and check it out. As it turns out, v1.00 just doesn't have the bronze prize cars, and a LOT of other stuff.

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I'm not sure if more categories equals to more competition, especially as vision cars are no longer unlockable.. Though given the route differences between 1.00 and 1.22 I could maybe see the point of a glitchless category.

I'd like to run this game soon, probably not before a few weeks though because I'm waiting on some hardware right now.


I checked erushimu's run roughly(
This video will be useful for Any% runner, but I think that it is difficult to add leaderboard as record.
He didn't show ending movie, so I can't confirm that ending movie was unlocked.

If the timer's stopping point is the moment the ending movie hits the screen, it's hard to acknowledge his record.
On the other hand, if the timer stops at the same time as the last input, I think we can register his record on the leaderboard after confirmation by moderator(and we'll need to correct the record so far).
There is a difference in the timing of timer stops in the records submitted so far for Any%, so the timer stop point needs to be precise in the rule.
(I think the moment the ending movie hits the screen is better, it is easy to understand.)

I apologize for the illegible text.


Okay, thanks.


Moorea, that is really bad news about the vision cars. I plan to try an update of GT6 from scratch this weekend and see what I get.

Fuso-wasedr09, if you get any trophy in the GT World Championship, you get the end movie. You don't have to see the end movie to know that it is coming. Erushimu got the trophy at about 3:39:40.


I’ll write his record on the leaderboard.
However, the timer stop point of the record will not be the same as it is, so the rule of the timer stop point will be changed.
Thanks to comments.
If you ever get a chance to run again, I wish you beating the record!

>Any% runners
Change the timer's stopping point to when you get the GT World Championship trophy.
(If the timer stop point is wrong, I will fix it. Don't worry.)
The previous records will also be unified at this stop.


so, the WR has just been beaten by far on the 1.00 non updated version of the game. Does this mean we can have whatever version we´d like of the game in order to speedrun it?

I´ve also checked this WR and the Tommy Kaira the player uses sounds on a strange way. Im not saying he cheated with hybrid cars or anything, but that car specifically does sound like one.


Yes, you can use any version.

I think you are talking about ZZⅡ'00.
It was known among the Japanese players that this car was too fast compared to PP and selling price.
ZZⅡ'00 makes a strange noise, but it is a normal behavior.

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Erushimu unlocks the International-A test with a 4th place in the All-Stars championship, is that normal? I thought you needed 3rd or better.


not sure about that @MooreaMoorea, gonna have to look into it. If you can get 4th there and continue that would make double skip so much easier.


According to my notes, Erushima finished All-Stars tied for third, which is enough. The last point totals I saw were player 300, pole 285, Q2 255, Q3 240 before the last race. If player abandons they should finish in order, so the final scores will be player 300, pole 385, Q2 330, and Q3 300.


Makes sense, thanks Orbis!


As for Any% category, I think the rule that timer stops at the ending movie is the best. On trophy popup is good too but may be problematic for people who already have it unlocked but deleted their game save - for them the trophy won't appear the second time. It originally has been set like that, to the ending movie, but we agreed to change it. Sorry, not running this category myself, just wanted to add my thoughts.


So sub-4 is going to happen to this game before much longer, using V1.22, having just posted a 4:09 this evening.

Given the fact that the game does not allow you to run a pre-update V1.00, I would like to suggest that an 'Any% Glitchless' board be entertained, so that all the folks who want to run the game won't feel like they're pissing up against the wall, so to speak, with regards to challenging for the top spot.



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I agree with that.

I am still planning to run this game in the near future - preferably on 1.00 if I can get it working - but the two versions are so different it doesn't make much sense to have them competing against each other.


Hello @RotaMotaRotaMota.
I've added Glitchless Any% as you suggested, and I also think it make sense to have this category.

I've written up some rules already, but if they need to be better then we can make changes as needed. E.g. whether the restriction must be to use latest, 1.22, version of the game or not. But that could be problematic, if the developer still decided to update the game. Unlikely, but may happen on new consoles somehow. Or should the rule about banning any further, not discovered yet glitches, be included?
But I think the purpose of the category should be obvious.


If possible, I would like you to prohibit the use of Ver1.01 games in all categories.
Ver1.01 cannot be installed at present, but there is a glitch that earns 2 billion credits (JA) by downgrading Ver1.01 to Ver1.00, and there is a possibility that it will make a big difference between those who can use it and who can't.
(I don't know other country version can use this glitch)