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hello, well I think the kind of time records we have are pretty good, but I think that it would be very nice if we have speedruns for each track on the game with variable restrictions, I really hope you add it


yes, it can be done. the question is what categories to create. do you have any suggestions?
im tinking creating categories that people would like to speedrun first, then, later we could add more. do you know any racing game here that we can use as an example for categories?

added Level Leaderboard and all tracks (hopefully no mistakes, can be corrected if needed).


what are the limits for the track then? Are times invalidated by the game itself allowed?
@ikk9000 I am a competitive player for GT Sport and also was for GT6. I would really like to moderate this game with you and talk to you on a faster way than by the forum.



"what are the limits for the track then? Are times invalidated by the game itself allowed?"

yes, going by in-game time for individual lap records should be it. any problems that arise in case of very small differences, because of short times on single lap runs, are going to be resolved manually, i would assume.

thanks for your interest in moderating GT6 runs here. if you start submitting runs, or bring runs by other players, i could add you to the moderators here. otherwise, there aren't many runs posted and i don't know if there are people, or how many are there, that would like to submit their runs, if any.

below is my email address, if that would help reaching me faster (will be deleted in few days). i'm not using any good IM app at the moment.


@ikk9000 well what about starting with creating the simplest category (lap records for each track) with other sub categories for the tracks like restrictions in the tipe of car, horsepower, tires and performance points. other kind of record could be on doing a cup or championship. that would be a good start. for example Initial d street stage or colin mcrae have those kinds of runs, for each track. that way we could get more people in this


the limitations on the track could be on crashing or creating other sub category about weather conditions


oh I just have seen the new features, good job and sorry for responding too late, I've been busy with school, have a nice day


"the limitations on the track could be on crashing or creating other sub category about weather conditions"

but if combined, it could create quite many sub-categories, my dilemma is how to minimize them, so that there is the best chance players want to run the same categories.

Maximized we coild have combination of following:
• by Performance Points
• by number of laps
• by car class, normal/racing/VisionGT
• by weather
• by power
• by tires
• by clean or with collisions
• by weight
• by engine type, like Turbo or Normal
• ...

but instead, maybe combining some of them together, like:
• 400pp, but tires max Sports Soft
• 500pp, but tires max Racing Hard
• rain weather only in 600pp

the game had online feature, it had seasonal events (or how it was called?). and these events had restrictions that made a lot of sense, at least in my opinion. maybe we could replicate some of them here. career mode in game has similar restrictions on events, based on car performance, but i think the online ones were slightly better.

e.g. installing racing hard tires on 500pp or lightweight car does make it handle better. but what also happens is that handling is less forgiving and small mistakes are made more significant, because car becomes very responsive.

let me know what you think.


right now i've added global restrictions to Individual Level categories (the ones that show up when you press the View Rules button). not calling them final. based on how it was in the game, i think they make sense:

Grip Reduction: Real
Active steering: Off
Skid recovery force: Off
Nitro Kit: Not allowed
Race Difficulty: Professional (only if with AI)

e.g. "Skid recovery force" should be forbidden because it does look like feature for beginner players, if it's doing what is says, it could potentially be used to exploit some tracks or cars. online events, if i remember correctly, all of them had it forbidden.


yep I think that´s perfec for restrictions and also I have a couple of questions
1- wich is the diference between any car and normal car, also in what conditions a car is a racing car?
2- in the run data from the player I think that the car they used should be mentioned because... idk is interesting to know.
thanks have a good day


im excited to go for runs on this game. miss gt6 so much

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>> 1- wich is the diference between any car and normal car, also in what conditions a car is a racing car?

I have updated rules for Racing and Normal Car category, hopefully they're more clear now and not too long because they also include some explanations. Click the View Rules button to read them.

It appears the only way to check if car is normal or not is only by Career Mode race events, and not even by many of them. Only 3 or so events can tell you if car is as such. Eg. enter Super category of tournaments, then select first one, then select any track, then see if the Normal Car text is not flashing red.

Also added new fields to run submit form. including car name.

If anyone needs some motivation, then you could try speed run tracks that are exclusive to GT6, that are not in GT Sport, for example. Check the link to GT wiki page: