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Where i need to start timer in any%?
Start before name input ilke this
or right after it or after tutorial race and done settings?
And where i need to stop it?
right at crossing of finish line at last race or somewhere else?

And another question. Can i use Vision Gran Turismo cars?
for example free Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo
or i need to buy them for credits or they prohibited?


this is not established, actually. i didn't planned to run any% category myself so left it open.
yes, your suggestion makes sense and i could add it to 'rules' box.

other way i was thinking, it might be specified is: at the status screen, where it says how much time raced and how much distance traveled (which should be 0 for both) and start timer at the moment exited from that screen. because it may be useful to start runs from save with custom controller and graphics presets from save backed up to the usb device, for more convenient resets. that introduction race can be skipped completely, simply by start button menu - current any% speedrun by killashrugamer doesn't do this, actually.
if you dont like my suggestion then we should go by yours, ie. on player name screen.

because all previous GT games have ending movie in career mode, i make it say "reach ending movie". so i think stop position should be at the moment movie starts. but it can also be changed to the pos of the last race end. as this seems to be long run and any timers of past runs can be readjusted if needed.

about Vision Gran Turismo cars.
i wouldnt ban them for this category, as it should be kept as simple as possible, i think. but problems may arise related to eg. network game updates, downloadable rewards or if someone would like to speedrun on game version 1.0. they weren't banned initially so runs with them should be ok.

are you interested in other categories too or mainly in any% run?
by other categories i mean something made up, like trophy runs, overtakes, etc. as usually other racing games doesn't have them added.


I liked idea about starting on exiting from status screen and i appreciate end timer at finishing last race like in most racing games, because movie loading time of movie is not constant.

I don't think that Vision Gran Turismo cars should be banned, maybe we don't need to use free one. They are still pretty expensive. I want to use one car at last section of run.

I think it's easier to get last version (1.21 as i remember), which already have all cars, but downloadble rewards like 15th anniversary cars should be banned. If you can somehow get save file with 15th anniversary cars, it'll be really break speedrun because when you don't even need to buy cars.

About categories i don't know, i think only about any% and Career 100km which will be in one run. I tried now only segmented run with routing and i get 7:17:## with lots of checking and testing, so real run which i'll try tomorrow will be sub 7 hours.


makes sense, i'll update the rules box.
if anyone else has some thoughts on this, please let us know.

• timer start: at status screen exit (distance traveled is 0)
• timer stop: at last race status screen
• gamesave with 15th anniversary cannot be used
(Vision Gran Turismo cars not banned)


But why timer stop at status screen? It's better to stop it in crossing finish line. Otherwise which race status screen? Screen of getting stars or table of results with points for championship?


yes, i can change it to crossing the finish line. currently it shouldn't matter much as runs are tend to be very long. i was thinking as at first race status screen as it would be easier for the player to stop the clock there - but again, long speedruns.


i don't understand why 43 seconds was added to this run?
Buying Honda Fit is unavoidable and timer was started as it needed at exit from status menu


oh, apologizes. i thought wrong, that it was avoidable. i edit it back to how it was originally. thanks for the info.


Hey Guys, since this is any% Glitches and Skipping tournament races is legal right? because if so, sub 4 is easily possible to reach the credit movie.

Also if that is the case, the last nurburgring-race is skippable so stopping the timer at the finish line doesnt work tbh.

The end should be timed when you confirm the last input before the movie starts.

Hit me up if you need any information on the route, you guys should be able to get sub 4 with a bit of luck. since my PB is a 4:11 or smth with the PS3 controller



yes glitches are not banned in Any% run.
if in some way you trigger the winning condition of the final race that triggers the ending movie then yes, timer should stop at the last player input. but i'm not sure about that. otherwise it may be required to trigger the ending movie by the means of reaching the finish line. if someone sees it differently then please comment.


It definetly shouldnt be finsh line. It should be when you "end championship" because, as I said, you can skip the last race ( or the last 2 races with good rng ) so you wont ever drive over that finish line.

Will do a run in January to showcase what I mean


I stopped when the movie began just to be safe. Last input is when you press X on the "Leave" Menu.

That should be the last input.