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I'd love to see an "individual track" leaderboard additionally to the main categories. Would that be possible?

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I just want to mention, that official global track leaderboards were already present few years ago. I own book related to GT4, which contain world lap records. I also want to say, if this going to happen, there should be categories related to car horsepower.


Yeah I also have the book, so different sections would be needed, else everything would be dominated by the F1 car and modified LeMans stuff as it is in the book leaderboards


There are dedicated sites for Time Trials and a speedrun leaderboard isn't that. Asking for a leaderboard to be added with so many variables like HP is ridiculous.


In NfS Carbon they managed to do that. NOS, without NOS, etc. 50 tracks with maybe each a leaderboard with filters like in GT4 (Standard Cars, Race Cars, Completely unmodified, F1 Separate)?


GT4 is more complex than arcade NFS Carbon so I completely understand that time attacks are not present here. But personally, I think that single events could be added since game let you use only specified vehicles. That is possible to add in terms of speedrunning.


Cyberscore has a lot of times for GT4, even though most of them are from the 2000s, and proofless.

Having different classes is an interesting idea but unless you limit yourself to the 10 or 20 most popular tracks the leaderboards are likely going to be very empty.

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I think maybe the licence tests should be on here at least, considering most of the other GTs have them - no messing around with endless categories for performance levels there