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Hi Guys,

How would you feel about modifying the rules for the 100% categories to allow for solo runs. I've been watching thebook92's run on twitch, and I would love to attempt this kind of run, but realisitcally this isnt possible Solo.

I'd propose that like Gran Turismo 2, we allow pausing the timer after a save in the Garage screen. Even with this it would still be a stretch for most solo players to complete with the 24 hour runs, but it would atleast be possible.

To alleviate the pain of 24 hour runs, we could also allow the timer to be paused on the pause screen of the timed endurance races, perhaps restricted to the 8 hour and longer races. Alternativly, perhaps B-Spec Bob could be used in an otherwise A-Spec run with the caveat that the game must be kept at 1x speed. Since there is nothing to be gained in the timed endurance races. Although I'm not sure if B-Spec Bob would actually be useful, I suspect not for very long.

I'd love to see some optimisations and even give this a go, but its simply not possible as the rules stand. That said I don't want to take away from the achievements of the runners on thebook92's run. A run with these changes in would not be the same kind of achivement that they are currently going for at all.

Wondering what the community thinks.

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I'm all for segmented categories for runs that are longer than say, 12 to 24 hours.

100% segmented seems like a nice challenge but probably won't attempt it personally.

I was thinking about doing a segmented All Dealership races run at some point though. All the fun bits, without the really tedious parts.


Yeah I'd agree with that, I'm suprised the rules didnt say segments were allowed as that had been discussed in the discord as one way to categorise it. Not that I'd actually do a run like this anyway LUL


I can +1 the suggestion of permitting real-time only B-Spec as a restricted form of it, as it's the only way I can ever see someone attempting this solo. [using the five 8+ hour events to sleep while the B-Spec log laps]


I'd be cool with allowing pauses in the 8+ hour races (Edit: Maybe do it GT5-style and allow timer pauses when the car's stopped in the pits?) and garage screen. I honestly want to go back and attempt this solo anyway, it'd be a good way of doing it IMO.

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I made the leaderboard just for book and didn't make anything else yet, so just give me time, and I'll change it.
No need to make a giant essay about it.

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