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I realize there are people who submit license test times here, but this leaderboard isn't the "official" one most people use for real times.
This is:
It's a UK site, but has all the best times from years past.
I believe this leaderboard doesn't have a place since most people don't know about speedrunning, or don't care about it, so it'll never be a place for everyone. This means there will be better times out there from years ago which are records, and the ones here aren't. And, it's not like I'd move those times here, 'cause that's not right at all.
I just need some opinions on the matter, and this will be posted in the first 4 game's forums as well.

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Good points, didn't realize there was another website that was official, just assumed this one would have since generally everything on here is. Depends if the other website has active moderators and such as well.


Well, I am moderator of "Puddle" game. For this game, there are records on Cyberscore website. I decided to submit records if the owner of record have video or screenshot. I can help with submitting if you give me "moderator" 😃. Of course, I will submit only the records with video proof.


That times on Cyberscore are impressive! If we submit it, I lose all my "world records" here 😃 Also, if we remove license tests, what will be in Level-Leaderboards?

Edit: Maybe All license tests run? 😉


There's only ever been 1 other person with interest in an all license run in the over 2 years this community has been around, so there isn't gonna be a leaderboard for it.
And, for the privacy of the posters of Cyberscore, I'm not gonna submit their times here.
If it's removed, there won't be anything in Level Leaderboards.

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Then I agree with deleting license leaderboard because its useless when we know about better records and they arent in leaderboards here.

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I would be interested in a 100% license speed run but it all depends on others interest as well.


Also, all licenses run is pretty meaningless on its own, unless you do an all golds run.