2 years ago
Czech Republic

Why is there non mednafen run in emulator any% japanese category???? It's completely unfair, mednafen is like 3x slower than that used emulator. And in addition in emulator runs there are 2 runs, one of them was mentioned non mednafen run. Why don't you just allow normal emulators such as psxfin, epsxe's and all other emulators? Why is it problem? For example when I was playing on epsxe 2.0.5 it was slow, I tried to do 6 hour run and in result it was 8 hour run, just cuz of loadings and etc. Can u imagine mednafen is even slower, so 24 hour run would be 48 hour run. Which is basically waste of time. I am not speaking for my own goodness, cuz of I waited on ps2 and gran turismo non platinum disc for a whole eternity and now I am getting that. But still, it will be unfair towards people who doesn't have money or there is not available ps2 and ps1 games in there and those people for example playing on psxfin or whatever emu.

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