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During GSPS Dzieciom 2019, we will have donation incentives and bidwars going on for the first time in our marathon's history.

To donate to one of the causes, simply put one hashtag of your choice in your donation's description at our SiePomaga site. The list of all available hashtags is there, but it's in Polish, so we are going to put all of them translated into English here.


#Koty vs #Psy - War, war never changes... The fight for the title of the best pet during previous events has been won by dogs (#Psy), will cats (#Koty) take the revenge now? You must decide that for yourself.

#Claire vs #Leon - Decide which character will be used by qvaku to speedrun Campaign A in Resident Evil 2.

#Assassin vs #Druid - Decide which class will be used by KrusKader in Diablo 2.

#RedForza vs #PinkHorizon - Choose the Mitsubishi Lancer's color in Forza Horizon - bloody red or fabulously pink?

Additional games:

#Saper (200 zł) - Wielkimati will do a bonus run of the classic Windows game.

#Chinatown (200 zł) - hoxi will do a bonus run of the most Chinese GTA ever made (aside from Sleeping Dogs) - Chinatown Wars.

#WaveRace (200 zł) - PokerFacowaty will do a bonus run of Wave Race 64.

Donation incentives:

#WitamyWKolonii (150 zł) - We'll watch together the first classic cutscene in Gothic.

#Yume8x (88 zł) - PLANET, instead of playing with a 4x speed, will do it even faster (8x).

#PlecyHero (400 zł) - Dexterw will torture himself playing the guitar behind his back for as long as he will be able to.

#PolskiFajer (300 zł) - Instead of using the "boring" English version of Fire Department 2, Kaadzik will use a "special" Polish translation prepared by the event's organizers.

#Ortalion (250 zł) - Mary, for the duration of his Polder Driver run, will cosplay a true slavic lad.

#SchodyHogwartu (150 zł) - Fragus will check if professor McGonagall can fly when you take the magic stairs from underneath her feet.

#BadFallout (100 zł) - After the Any% run, PLANET will show off an even faster way to finish Fallout 1 using Bad Ending.

#DumbFallout (300 zł) - PLANET will use a character with a very low intelligence level in Fallout, making the run harder.

#Secret CowLevel (250 zł) - KrusKader will present the Secret Cow Level in Diablo 2.

#P5Swimsuits (200 zł) - Wielkimati, for the duration of the Kamoshida dungeon in Persona 5, will dress his characters in swimsuits.

#September (200 zł) - The organizers of the event will sing the Earth, Wind & Fire's hit "September"!

Podczas tej edycji nowością będą hasztagi - cele i bidwary, na które możecie kierować swoje donacje (w tym celu wystarczy wpisać jeden wybrany hasztag w jej opisie) na stronie naszej skarbonki. Znajdziecie tam też wszystkie tagi wraz z polskimi opisami!