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just a thought:
- I felt that the accommodation fee (or whatever you call it) of 15€ / 20€ was really really cheap.
- I wouldn't mind paying 50€ or even 100€, but seeing a little more production value on site
- e.g.:
- better CRTs
- better WiFi onsite
- more Headsets / Mics (only 2 headsets and the (really bad) hand-mic was quite akward)

Dunno how SpeedCon-Team or other participants feel about that...

Greetings bamboo

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Hey, thank you for your feedback.
Yes our entrance fee is cheap, and that is good!

We think a little bit different then the other marathons and that is kinda our philisophy.

Our entrance fee will always reflect the direct costs of the event. We want to be different compared to the "commercial orriented" marathons. Ofc we're nevertheless working on improveing our event value step by step till a certain point, but since we do not make any surplus, we rely on people wanting to support us via or the extra options on the tickets payment site (we'll provide a flexible amount next time cus some asked for that already)

CRT wise i aim to replace the non NTSC ones with NTSC ones for the next year. (Still gotta be 14" tho, because storage and transport)
If i can source enogh i also aim to get models that have AV mode accessible via front buttons so no remotes are needet anymore.
Also if the money allows it a better hand mic and backup / additonal headsets are on the list but a 1080p60 capable capture card is the more important next goal.

I might add that the hand mic is most likely going to stay as a hand mic is easily passed around withouth having a ton of headsets of which each needs a mixer channel, cabeling and game audio played out to the headset, but a third one for a permanent additional commentator (during coop/races in particular) is definitely something we will look into.

Better WiFi is unfortunately always dependant on how much the surrounding allows.
This was one of our improvement targets for this event and we have invested about 300€ into new Ubiquiti routers and AP's with the money we raised trough the tips link and while it was slow, mostly you where able to connect and use it.
Plus we layed a additional uplink to another building to get a separate 100/10 line for practice to use.

Unfortunately the big limiting factor is the bandwith and overcrowding.
This was observable if you used the hotspot in the room at the end of the venue where not a lot of wifi signals where and the speed was some what reasonable (Linke the PC's which where on cable and had a good speed)
There is only so much we can do as basically every office has its own network there
(This was taken in the office downstairs, upstairs all these are as strong as the Office one)

Tho we will try our best to improve on what is possible. Hopefully we can get a bit more performance out of it by adding a Raspberry Pi with the Unify Controller to manage devices and fequencies a bit better then just the hotspots on their own.

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