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Hey everyone,

after we've all calmed down from the ending and slept a bit I'd like to open the feedback thread. We'd like to hear from your perspective what went good and what wasn't so good. Doesn't matter if you were a runner, attendee, host or viewer. We'd really appreciate some feedback so we can know what to change next year.
And with that...
Hopefully see all of you at Speedcon 2019!

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first and foremost: thank you for the amazing event! We really enjoyed ourselves in prac room, on site, running on stream, etc.... it was a blast!

having said that, the things I don't mention here were totally fine and worked for me, so there were a lot of things pretty nice and enjoyable!
The things bugging me being:

1.) proper gamecapture with the appropriate aspect ratio:
if someone wants widescreen, they can use the GBP widescreen build-in-feature 😃
seems to have been the GCube-layout here (accidentally?)

2.) better / more stable wifi, especially since that's something where allegedly my tip went to ("For 2018, the focus will lie on more HD TV's and a solid WiFi network."):
I have no smartphone, so I was relying to the on-site wifi (with my tablet), which did only work (really unstable) in the practice room. Inside the streaming-room I didn't get a signal at all....

3.) better CRTs in the prac room (luckily we found a solution for the streaming room 😃 ).
I kinda could get used to the size of the 14" CRTs (though a bunch of them were really shitty, picture quality wise...), but half of them didn't support NTSC, which is detrimental to retro-speedrunners. At rush hour, we had problems finding a NTSC-CRT in the prac room at all... already seeing other folks playing their NSTC-console over a PAL-TV..
It doesn't have to be this way imo. All in all, I had the feeling that the event's emphasis was rather lying on PC-speedruns and newer hdmi-consoles than retro-console stuff...

so just get rid of those PAL CRTs... no one needs them....
it's not too hard to find decent CRTs that support NTSC.

Also since the location offered 2 rooms for practice rooms, maybe think about splitting the prac-rooms into a CRT and into a PC / HDMI-monitor-prac room (they did this at SGDQ 2017...)
Talking about the second pratice room: there were no power-extensions / power-strips whatsoever, so if you didn't bring your own power-strip, rip 😃
luckily in the first prac room, there was enough space most of the time, so we didn't need to use the 2nd prac room.

that should be about it... now gotta catch some sleep, and thank you once again!

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First of all the GSM aka SpeedCon 2018 was a really great event and I enjoyed it quite a lot. The games were good, the commentary was awesome and our stuff was well aware of their work they had to do!

but... 😛

1 )

The first practice room was quite a mess after a while. The bins were way to small so they were filled after quite a while. So some of us do not had the opportunity to throw away our trash. Especially the pizza boxes were quite a problem and also stuff like pizza or other big meals should not be eaten in the practice room. The kitchen would be great but apparently the kitchen were also used as room to chill out and so it does not support the place we could have use.

Also the problem with "empty bottles": Why not does the GSM staff get the bottles, so we can get rid of it and the money you get from that could be use to improve stuff on GSM or just use it for a nice meal, whatever, but so the people knew what to do. I believe some of the people do not know about the german way to recycle bottles and such. Also with no store nearby, a lot of people just tend to throw away their bottles.

Basically snacks and drinks should be enough for the practice room


More working NTSC TV's!
Not only that we had too less of them working properly, no, quite a lot of people were blocking those. I wont take away a foreign consoles or such... Take care of your own console and put it away if you do not need it!
Also information about which setup work would be nice ( AV, S-Video, Scart ) and such. I was not aware of it that most of the TV's just had an Scart plug.


Please consider 1 practice room for consoles and 1 for PCs. The situation with sockets and such were quite miserable.

Also some sockets were not functional at all. I can just offer to try to fix it, because I am an electrician, if the Freiland is okay with that.


Please find a way to close the windows ! I know the beamer in the practice room were connected so we have a picture their as well but BRRRRR it was cold from time to time in the practice room.

5.) The WiFi could have been better tbh. Just got it from time to time but yeah... Mobile was most likely better for a lot of moments.

6.) For the stream next year: How about the FFZ extension that allows people to follow the current runner. That would be awesome 😃

Other than this.. it was awesome 😃 Big thanks again guys and I am looking forward for SpeedCon 2019 =)
Time to bring more SNES games so we could fill a whole block 😛


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The event was awesome. I had a lot of fun, it was really cool meeting all these great people again and even getting to know new ones! I really enjoyed it. That being said, there are some things that could be improved on.

I found it a bit sad that so many people in the audience were sitting there with their phone in their hands, watching the chat, instead of the runner. So what I would like to see, is some sort of a second screen, where everyone in the audience and maybe even the runner, can see the chat. Some of the questions asked in chat may even be answered by the runner right away, without needing the host as a medium to communicate. It also makes running more enjoyable and it's easier to entertain the stream.

A few donations that were read out were pretty offensive and I don't quite understand why they were read out in the first place. Here's a good example [ ]. On the other hand, some donations weren't even read out. Memes are fine if they aren't going too far and the person reading out donations should have enough common sense to know what to read out and what not.

I had to cringe really hard when I first saw the layout that was being used. The blue colour that was used looked boring, the font wasn't the best either and for some runs, there was a lot of unused space, which can be seen here [ ] or here [ ]. Things like the estimate were way too small sometimes and you were barely able to see it on mobile devices. It was also a bit unfortunate, that the runner's Twitch/Twitter/Youtube handle weren't displayed during their respective run. ESA has done that in a very nice manner with cycling texts and icons for the mentioned platforms. Most names of the runners weren't names they actually use on all platforms, so if you want to follow them anywhere, it's hard to find them. The layout is what you see at first and the most when watching and I recommend hiring someone that can do all of these things for you, to give the stream a professional look.

Just earlier, I rewatched a couple of runs, including the race between Kayumon and Cadarev. It made me a bit sad that Cadarev asked several times to switch over to only Kayumon's game, but there was no reaction from the people at tech. In my opinion, it's the highest of priority to make sure the runner is feeling well. He mentioned during his run, that he is currently not doing so well and "feels bad". So it'd be great to see that the runners are being listened to and that tech works closely with them. I would like to state that I am not trying to blame anyone for this incident, but I am sure it could have handled a bit better this way. Shoutout to everyone who was there to help Cadarev! ❤️

Now onto some on-site issues.
When you see people for the very first time, we don't know their name either, but for events like this, I always find it nice to have some sort of nameplate. That way, we have an idea who we're talking to and we might recognize others by their name. I'd like to see that everyone carries one around for the next event. ESA also handles that pretty well in my opinion.

The "trash" situation has been talked about by other people before and I can do nothing but agree with them. The trash cans were too small and they should have been emptied a lot more frequently. Something similar applies to the kitchen, but in a different regard. Whenever I used the kitchen, I tried to leave it in the state I found it in. Sometimes, I even cleaned up a few things that someone else wasn't able to put away properly. Although common sense (once again) should be enough for us to solve this issue; Please introduce some rules for the use of the kitchen. I'm certain that a simple sign will help to avoid the state you found the kitchen in when you were cleaning up after the event.

With everything that I just said, I do not mean to offend anyone, nor do I want to cause an uproar. These are my honest thoughts and opinions. Although I mentioned a lot of things that I didn't enjoy, the event itself was a blast. I'm glad I was there and I can't wait for the next event: SpeedCon 2019!

EDIT: Made it so the links in the brackets are now clickable.

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• Stream layout
What Boomer said basically. Last year had all the stuff like system, release date, Twitch name and such. So last year the layout was a 10/10 imo. People have been asking for those missing infos all the time in chat..

• Chat in streaming room
I asked for this before the marathon and the reason I was given for it to not appear was simply the lack of space and given the setup, I can see why it couldn't be done. Still would be great for next time. I enjoyed it the most as a runner at ESA, but Boomer has a good point since audience is often very visible at speedcon.

• Headset/headphones for donation reader
Last year there were many mics, so there was even one for the donation reader. I wish it back if possible, since at times there was some talking going on in the stream room, especially around the tech that was nearby. And whenever I had to multitask I essentially ignored the runner completely, which was kinda bad one time during xoneris' run, sorry bout that.
I understand that the hardware was not available this year, and might not even be next year, but perhaps when there is no couch commentator we can give the extra headset to the donation reader? Dunno how much work that might be.

• Practice room CRTs/PCs, space and plugs
First of all thanks a lot to everyone who brought their powerful PCs to the event for people to practice as well as for races and some "special" games. This surely helped out a lot and we had 300% the practice PCs from last year. Wow! 😮
One thing I missed, just like last year, was a bit of free space for Laptops to be set up. Apparently the definition of practice room to most people is just CRTs all over the place, but I think people bringing their own laptops is very useful, to not overcrowd the practice PCs and simplify setups, so it would be a shame to not encourage that by giving them space and plugs.
Speaking of plugs, I forgot about this myself tbh, but it would be a good idea to remind people before the event to bring a few power strips for when they need to plug in their console/laptop plus phone or whatever else.

• Splitting CRT and PC/HD practice rooms
I can't quite see how this would help with the power plug issue. Both a console+TV setup and a PC+monitor stup use two plugs, so you guys have to go into detail for me as to how putting them in different rooms is helpful. I'm honestly more interested in PC runs in general so when I watched someone practice it was in the PC/HD end of practice room 1, but in principle I would prefer if things were generally more mixed up. Most people are there to meet all kinds of different people and I feel like PC and console communities are often already split in the online spheres.

• Floor layout, rules and trash
There was a floor layout at the door entrances this year. :thumbs_up:
Maybe you can upload that stuff the day before in the forum here so people actually know from the start, I'm not sure everyone saw the plans.It would also be nice to upload a plan of the complete Freiland area (crudely hand-drawn is totally fine) just so people know which building to walk into when they arrive for the first time and where the mass housings are.
And to these infos that people will want to know, you can attach some rules as to how to get rid of trash and how to use the kitchen. Maybe also add the trash containers outside the floor plan so if anyone ever feels like taking out then pizza carton bag, they know where to take it (it's right at the entrance of the are iirc, so not even a big deal. people go to get food all the time).
Oh and it would be nice to have example photos of the masshousing hall and what a bed in the 5 star legendary mass housing looks like. I sometime shave trouble explaining to people what a mass housing even is.

All in all I really enjoyed it again this year, thanks a lot to everyone.

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First things first I had a blast at GSM 2018 and overall I would consider it a huge success. There were a lot of things that couldn't have been done better if you were to ask me but also some things that weren't quite optimal and I'm only going to focus on those so just take in mind that everything I don't mention was most likely perfect.

1.) The issue with the practise room and not being able to close the windows was just terrible. The first couple days it was freezing cold inside the room even if you were dressed properly simply because you're just sitting around and thus not really getting warmed up by yourself. After that it was more warm outside but still not to a degree where I would have had the windows open 24/7. I even once closed all the windows I was able to close after kinda asking around if anyone minds but not even a hour later they were wide opened again so maybe that can be improved on.

2.) Continuing with the practise room the trash situation was just as bad. This may not even be the fault of the staff but more so of the attendees just not caring/ being too lazy to stand up and throw their trash away. Saying that not everyone may have been aware of the big trash containers outside of the house but solely relied on the little trash cans inside the room which at least to me I think they were never emptied at all even once. Just to clarify it I myself am guilty of this as well of not always throwing away my stuff because of the same reasons especially when it came to empty bottles. There was a bag specifically for those but it was rather for plastic bottles and not really glass bottles as they most likely would have shattered by putting them in there. So if the staff wants to collect them to get some more money for the event to spent for maybe it would be beneficial to sort out a place where we can put them all together next year.

3.) Maybe less trash related but more of an issue of the other factors they bring with was eating full meals inside the practise room. At times it would smell really bad because everyone having pizza laying around (which wasn't that big of an issue this time around because the open windows would take care of the smell rather quick) or other smelly food. I'm perfectly fine with eating stuff like chips, snacks and co. inside the practise room but maybe make rules about what's fine to eat in there and what isn't.

4.) Last thing about the practise room would be either getting more CRT's that work with NTSC consoles or people that leave the room for a longer period of time turning off their consoles. It was quite common to see TV's being blocked for several hours when no one was around playing at them. So sometimes when you just wanted to either have a little race, practise session or just some casual fun with someone it would be really hard to find enough working TV's to do that. One thing I specifically noticed myself about the TV's is that most didn't have input for composite but rather for scart which wouldn't have been an issue if I was just aware of it and had a cable for that myself. Another thing that I've heard other complain about which wasn't an issue for me personally was some TV's only displaying the video in black and white. Not sure what causes that but I don't think that should have priority over the prior mentioned issues.

5.) Now that I've watched some of the runs I missed out on and rewatched some of them witch chat at home I noticed that it happened quite frequently that people in chat were quite disrespectful towards either runners, commentators or people in the audience (if any of the staff wants examples I would rather tell them via PM on discord rather than making those public). I don't know if you get to assign chat mods yourself for the ESA channel or if you just rely on the ones that just happen to watch the event but I can imagine some people may not be fine about what was said about them in chat. This is more of a thing of maybe having more active mods rather than criticizing about the ones that most likely did a well job already.

6.) Some things regarding the stream and the setup inside the streaming room that could be improved on would be:
1.) Add some more information to the layout regarding what the timer on the top right was for example or what the
runners twitch/youtube/twitter... account is, release date of the game, platform and so on. All of those were commonly
asked questions I kept reading in chat during runs.
2.) It would have been nice to be able to see chat during runs to respond to some of the questions that came up from

7.) One last thing that I will point out in advance were I'm probably not fully aware of why it turned out to be that wayso just in case that I'm missing some information here just ignore this entirely. It already happened on the very first day that the schedule was behind by roughly a hour which if you happen to commentate or even run a game yourself at graveyard shift wasn't the nicest thing to do. I noticed that some runners had up to a total of five games in this marathon (which is a positive thing if you're able to give runners as much exposure and still have everyone else that submitted something in the marathon with at least one run) and seeing that it would have maybe been a good idea to let the runners know that having maybe an estimate that is 5-10 minutes higher depending on how long their games is isn't affecting the cuts for the final schedule at all but instead gives everyone in the end just a good buffer in case something goes really bad during either the run itself or if setting up the next game has some unexpected issues. Since all in all the staff seemed very accommodating towards everyone when it came to the final schedule and especially with such a small and cosy event it's easy to get some feedback from each and everyone regarding their submissions.

Just to let you know since this probably seemed very negative now, some of the points above mentioned are very minor and are more of a quality of life improvement rather than a real issue that has to be dealt with whereas others I'd really like to see some changes for future marathons of Speedcon 20XX. To draw a final conclusion, even if nothing would change next year compared to this one I would definitely try to join the event again since it was just so much fun meeting all the people that I did and enjoying runs from others that I have never even heard of before this event.

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I also noticed that the chat was really bad at times. There were insults towards the runners or the event itself, as well as things like nazi jokes (hahaha, so funny, because it's a German event, get it?). Mods were often not very present or they didn't seem to care. I don't want to read such things in a chat, so I eventually switched to the German restream.

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Hello there !

I was "only" a viewer during the event but gladly could catch most of the runs, as well as chat activities.

First up, thank you very much for the organisation, thanks to the runners, staff and mods or anyone participating in the event it self. It was truly a blast for me and many others.

I can't say anything about what was going on "behind the scenes", so i try my best to give the best feedback as a viewer. =)

1) As mentioned before, the layout was a bit empty. I didn't mind the simplicity with its color tbh, but a bit more information would be really good. (twitch pages, etc.) I think everything around that has been said multiple times now, so no need to go more in detail. =)

2) The room felt empty very often. I remember that we in chat often helpen to get at least 1-2 guys in the background to join the couch, if there was no one else in the room and if they did it got a lot more familiar and seemed to chill the runner as well having somebody at his side. At some points it really got cozy (f.e. with couch guy 1 + 2 and tech + pizza guy on the couch FeelsGoodMan) and it seemed less stiff and way more chilled. I know its hard to have more people around at night times for example, but a bit more people in the audience to "hype" things about would may create an even better experience for runner and chat as it would feel more like an event and not like 1 lonely guy sitting on a couch by himself with nobody to talk to. =D

3) Which brings me to the next point: Chat for the runner and commentator. At some point during a late night run, chat requested if we could get the runner a Laptop, so he can read chat. He did get one and chat was all hyped up, the runner could easily respong to questions or messages while there may was nothing to say about the run and it felt like the viewers were part of the audience at your place !

4) It was mentioned before, that chat sometimes was offensive, which I actually have to disagree. Most of the time chat was very chilled, having fun, supporting the runners and tech crew. I rarely saw some stupid jokes and if so, they were mostly ignored by the rest of the audience. Whenever I personally was active in chat, there was at least the donation reader and one mod available doing their job. Maybe another mod watching would be good tho, if things like racist jokes or anything like that happen.

That beeing said, great event, keep up the good work !

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Hi, sorry I totally forgot to write my feedback here, I'll try to summarize:

Overall experience was great, wasn't an (official 😃 ) runner this year but hat at least just as much fun this time.

Hosting was a great experience again, the microphone situation may have been a bit awkward but it was an okay solution and totally fine to work with. Still, the runner was hard to understand at times and a headset would help for that but I understand these things are expensive. Had a blast hosting again this year - thanks for letting me do the finale shift again - although I have the feeling I didn't reach the same level of energy this year. 🙁 I hope to improve on that so I can be more enthusiastic as a host again next time! 🙂 Sorry about that chocolate easter bunny, Mondstriker...

Accommodation worked fine, I was in the "deluxe" mass housing (thanks again, Weser ❤️ ). That disco night or whatever it was one evening was a bit of a bummer as it prevented me from sleeping but I don't want to complain. In general I had the feeling we were sharing the venue with more more other people this year than the last, which is not a huge deal in general, just being the shy nature of speedrunners it was a bit awkward at times.

Using the kitchen was pretty cool and doing my spazetti cooking session for everyone was great fun! Once again, it was a bit of improvisation because before and after other people were using the kitchen and thus some of the pots and pans were unavailable to me but I think we managed it. I always tried to keep the stuff I used clean and wash it once used. Others, however, didn't seem to do so - I remember a bunch of old spaghetti and sauce I had to throw away because nobody seemed to care anymore. The garbage bags got full pretty quick and I had no idea who to contact about that. Maybe I should have just asked but I naively assumed this would be taken care of by somebody at some time. Next time I know better and might be willing to be part of the garbage disposal group! 🙂 And yes, I am one of the guilty as charged people who used the last night to have a good time with some other runners and get wasted, and we didn't clean up the bottles (mostly because we realized we have to leave for our trains). I sincerely apologise for that faux pas and I hope next year we can still have a nice final night but keeping things clean, maybe this time with some kind of glass garbage we have brought in preparation!

As for alcohol on the venue in general, I've heard some controversial opinions on that, but I generally agree on that clearly drunk people should not be allowed into the streaming room. I remember a certain runner during my hosting shift throwing down a chair simply because he was quite drunk already and while I myself don't have any problem with it, if viewers note that, they will wonder what kind of event that is and why they are allowed on the main venue. I don't think viewers recognised it this time, but I wouldn't want to risk it another time.

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now. Thank you so much, organisers, for making this event happen and I'm truly looking forward to seeing you all again next year - then as a runner again, hopefully! 🙂

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