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I have been playing the game for quite some time and recently 100%d it for the fourth time. I was wondering if the possibility of a Low% run would be a thing (Complete a run without collecting any powerups), and I am currently testing to see if all ship parts are accessible without them. This run would consist of the same rules as Any% (Time starts when New Game is hit and ends after the screen fades to black when pulling the M.O.M. switch)

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Update: I have started a small Google Document to keep track of each part and potential strategies for them. There have been a few parts that despite my best efforts, early run can't seem to reach them. I believe that a strategy for them may be possible, but it would likely involve falling from a great height and using the grab to latch onto something before taking the fall damage in order to reach, then respawning instead of getting off the ship (so you can respawn at the high elevation and leap to another part).

Link to the document:

(Note, all information in the document is subject to change if a new/faster strategy is found.)