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Grim Fandango is one of my favorite games to play, and so I thought I’d get into speedrunning it, due to its short length. Can somebody tell me some easy beginner strats? Or is there a tutorial floating around that I can watch? Thanks! 🙂


So I've yet to submit a run yet, but I can at least speak for my own experience with casual playthroughs when I say that even non-speedruns can be done quite easily (my best time in a casual run is probably 2.5 hours) I'm currently working on a guide for any newcomers, so keep an eye on the guides for when it is ready.

The game isn't necessarily exploitable and doesn't have any real skips. The run is comprised of just knowing how to solve the puzzles and figuring out what the most effective path to take in doing so is. I'd check out the current WR run and make note of the path they take. Alternatively, since the game is very dividable by its four years, you can easily practice each year individually and shave time down on a PB that way.