Differences between tablet and phone versions
3 years ago
Pennsylvania, USA

There are a few differences between the levels on my iPad and my iPhone. Probably is due to differences in screen ratios. I don’t think anything needs to be done about the leaderboards right now, but in the future once runs get more optimized this could be an issue.

Here is a list of the differences found: Level 4 - More space above and below center on phone, doesn’t change anything for the fast way of doing level 4, but other ways would be different. Level 18 - Different strategies must be used, slightly faster on tablet. Level 20 - the “snake” starts lower on tablet, saves a few steps. All the levels with falling circles might also be different. If I had to guess, it would be faster on phone be cause you would see the circles at the top of the screen before you would see them on tablet. I can check this later. Edit: This is the case, it is slightly faster on phone. However, this should only really change times for level 23, at least at current skill levels. This adds less than half a second to tablet runs though. Another thing I noticed was that where the circles landed was slightly different. I’m not sure if that was because of slightly different dropping points, or if the “width“ of the screen is different.

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