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Hi all,

some weeks ago I was running this game on my Amiga Emulator (WiUAE), after beating it in a decent time I was comparing it with the runs submitted at this site.
Well even if I dont utilize the short warps by killing myself, my time is faster then the current WR.
The biggest difference is in the Level transitions which are way faster in my run.
We are not sure but this seems to be the case that I am using a A1200 to run this game and thats why it is so fast.
Is there a general basic setup we should use to play this game?
Or is my run legit?
You can check it out here:

Btw: I am not able yet to get my version of the game to run on a A500 to test this, lets see if this is really the reason.


You are probably running the game with either turbo mode floppy emulation or you are running a version of game that uses WHDLoad which basically removes all loading times. The current WR time is using normal floppy disk emulation.

I would guess that it is WHDLoad, because it requires Kickstart 2.0, which would explain why you can not run your version of the game on an Amiga 500, which only has Kickstart 1.3.

WHDLoad should work on an Amiga 500+, which has Kickstart 2.0 and the same 68000 processor as the normal Amiga 500. Using WHDLoad on an Amiga 1200 with the faster 68020 processor could also reduce the loading time, because the time needed to copy the floppy content in RAM would be shorter. But that should only make a small different compared to actual floppy speed.

I'm not sure how to handle this. The Amiga is basically a PC and there is no fixed speed. There are different CPU speeds available and for games that run from harddisk it would also matter how fast the harddisk is. For actual hardware that would be a problem, but as long as all runs are done on emulator it should not be a problem to have the same settings for everyone. I would recommend that you just try to get an ADF disk image to run the game. That should not be too hard to find. Otherwise runs would have to be retimed to remove the loading times.



thanks for this awesome answer 🙂

Yes thats right I switched my Floppy-Drive Speed to Turbo (makes sense in hindsight 🙂 )
I've used an ADF-File, Kick 1.3 is also available.
Maybe I was just screwing something up while changing my Settings to an A500 at the time I was testing this ...who knows (will try it again).

Cant you just define in the Rules the Basic-Setup?
Or we change to IGT (but who wants to (re)count all of this^^).

So to sum this up:
Basic A500 with Discdrive-Speed = 100% ?



Yes, also I'm not a moderator, I would say the most basic setup is the best to compare times for now and even if someone will do a run on actual hardware a standard Amiga 500 is probably the most common system people will have.

If you play with loading times you will notice that you can only press the button to advance to the next level after loading has finished, if you mash to early it sometimes doesn't work, so having the right timing is relevant for the overall time and removing loading time is not as easy as it sounds.



alright then good suggestion.

No I was reffering to counting the IGT as;
Looking at the Timer in the upper right screen.
Level starts with 99, your time is 76 so IGT would be 23 for Level 1. Level 2 your timer stops at 70 so we needed 29s for this stage and so on.
Then we add every time from the stage to a total to get the final IGT (this is also much work but propably fair?)

Trying to count the time with removed loading screens would be insane I agree 😃

Yeah both Moderators seem to be inactive for a while, dunno how long to wait until they show up again.
(yes was mistaken you for a Moderator 🙂 )