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PS1 Emulators are usually allowed on the leaderboards of more popular PS1 games like Crash and Spyro, as PS1 emulators have longer load times, which is a disadvantage. Is there a specific reason it is not allowed to be run on that I don't know about?

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In GT2, there are loading times different due PC performance. Maybe it's correct, maybe not. I was for splitting emulators and consoles to their own category but it looks like that moderators are not going do that. GT1 is same case I guess...

There are multiple reasons: Emulators are not accurate enough to compete console players. I also said that running this game on console only is so stupid. Splitting console and emulators is a way to make things correct. BUT, this is disadvantage for people with slower PC. It is confirmed that PC have different loading times based on PC performance. Only way to fix this is to count time without loading. And believe, that is impossible since there are few people who still cares about GT series here.

Sadly, moderators did this and one way to be on leaderboards of Gran turismo is to own official console and equipment to record it. I already gave up to make emulators allowed, moderators will never do it.

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I don't see why they cant be "Hidden by default" on the boards


Looks like it's too much work for mods to make separate categories AND use time without loads... despite very low activity on the leaderboad.

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thanks for the effort of you guys, you are amazing.
but i think regarding to this, it won't make that much difference and for some people like me, i don't have any consoles, i can't just buy one just for doing the speedrun for this...

so my suggestion is to make another separate categories, so there will be two, consoles and emulators

yours sincerely


what if one of the people who wants to run on a emulator moderated the emulated runs?


the situation about emulators is there: