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Hey, im making an horror game similar to granny, (you have to puzzle your way out while evading a monster that hears and sees you). Of course the map is different (its a city) the monster is different, etc. Also it will be multiplayer, I mean you will be able to play it with one other player, You will be able to revive your partner if the monster gets him/her, but if both die, its game over, also you can play it alone of course.

I'm looking for cool ideas about a game like this. What are your thoughts guys? What would you like in a game like this?

(Also I have made several games for mobiles, including multiplayer, for me its easy to make it, dont worry about that. I'm not an amateur.)

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I dont think this really belongs here, this is a speedrunning forum. You should maybe talk about this in the discord or someplace else.


I always like it when games like this have an option to turn on an in game timer. I don't think it should be on by default (as that kinda ruins the immersion for casual playthroughs), but having the ability to turn it on would be super convenient for speedruns.

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yeah I will add a timer you can enable 🙂

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You could make the mosters place more builds than in granny, because he is a monster he could for exanples bloc some passages with some sort of weird solid substance and the player would have to get a special item to destroy them (but please put an option to disble them cause its not gunna be conveniant for speedruning) and he could create little baby monsters that run from you when their tinyand grow to attack you or warn the monster of your position (but are weacker than the original mob) because if the city is really big then with only one mob it might feel a bit empty and of course you could re-use the beartraps in a different form and if its not to hard for you you could put an option to be the monster like this :
1monster player vs 2player
1mp vs 1p
1mp vs 1 or 2 pc
That would be super cool

P.S : by the way do you already have a name for your game ?


I got some other ideas too so if you want more tell me because the other one you might have already thought about them .