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Many of you have been asking what the state of the leaderboards will be when the HD Remaster of Grandia is eventually released. This thread is here to address everything that has been asked and talked about.

Firstly, this version of the game will have its own category. As with what will happen with the Switch and PC versions of the game will have to be discussed further down the line as the game has not been released yet. This is the current consensus as of right now and our community is on board with it. As for what will be the main category, it might be still be the original PS1/SS version of the game. This is not a final decision though as this could change later on. I'd like to imagine the board will be like FFX's: they have 3 versions divided up into 3 different tabs with sub-categories being Any%, Nemesis, etc.

Second, we will be placing a 1 week embargo on all speedrun submissions. This will give us time to put any research to what might have been changed in this version as well as giving us the time to actually enjoy the game. During this time, we will be creating an exclusive Discord channel to discuss all the changes and any potential glitch discoveries. It'll also give everyone time who wants to run the game to learn the game, since this game is in no way a blind-friendly speedrun. We will be announcing when the embargo will be over in our Discord server (if you're not in there already, I highly recommend you do so).

Finally, if you have anymore questions, I'd be happy to answer to them. Feel free to DM me on any of my socials or ask in the Grandia Speedrun Discord.

We hope everyone is okay with this decision. We are excited to see people expressing interest in running the game.

Thank you - 30Cents


After months since this post, we just heard an announcement that Grandia HD is still happening. We are still sticking by the decision to put a 1 week embargo on speedruns. Before you start speedrunning, enjoy the game for yourself like we all want to.

Happy adventuring! - 30Cents


YES. This is such good news. Good thing I have a Switch. Hopefully there are plenty of new and awesome features. 😛


It's out for Switch now and Steam version will come out next month. SO much faster and definitely worth speedrunning. The battles especially load up instantly. Only problem so far is that they replaced Mio's "bye-bye" at Sult Ruins with a Japanese voice or something.