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The rules for Any% has been clarified that even if there is a complete save file people can still run the game on that category which improves timing greatly. This has been clarified because the run is suggested to be "Any%" So as long as all of the Stages are completed by the runner it is a valid run.

Gold License Course and 100% should be completed in a new save as having every stage in Silver and Bronze will prove unfair advantage over the players having to wait less for prize cutscenes to end.



Thanks for clarifying, is there any way of cheating the game to get all golds etc without having to drive each route to perfection to save time, or do I just have to do it myself?


There are some shortcuts that you can perform in each track, although nothing that will get you out of bounds, if you happen to find something that would be nice.


I think the rules are good, good post.


I think the question is why are there separate '10 Golds' and '9 golds and 1 silver' categories anyway? Because that's what it is. Be simpler to just have one category for the tests and one for 100%, either allow prize car skipping or don't, and you're done. Then you don't need these strange rule discrepencies because a) you don't want the non-gold Any% strat to be 'who can sandbag the best Bronze times' and b ) the better skill gets the better times

It's just weird that if you intentionally go slower on one of the tests you can skip minutes of stuff, but if you don't, you're not.


I changed the rules for the reason that you don't save time by slowing down, and hence why there is another category for those that want to do the course licence at Gold status and not waste time doing the 100%.


yeah i think it makes sense the way it is, and as several runs have been done using already gold-ed missions it would seem pointless to change rules about skipping the prize cars. That is, unless you want to make everyone redo it