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Hi. 🙂
I have a proposal to make. Following the discovery of new strat "deathwarps", I think that would be interesting to create a new chart "warpless", in a similar way as happens with Super Mario Bros. or other games.
What do you think?


yeah why not, wouldnt hurt really.


Well the categories got made, and you're mod now too seemingly @LeeBoonLeeBoon


Many thanks!
I took the liberty of change the leader board of Nemesis. I drew inspiration by Metroid Prime:
I think now it is better!

Honestly, not everyone knows that this beautiful shmup has a third level difficulty hidden, but to play it you must win the game 2 times to Level 1 difficulty (so you start Loop 3) or you must win one time to level 2 difficulty (so you start Loop 2).
How wonderful! 😃

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