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Hello! 😃
In this game there are 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard (and a fourth harder difficulty level hidden).

Why not add new charts with the three shown difficulty levels at least?
What do you think?

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Ya I can agree from just learning the first game this week and watching the current runs for this that there def should be category separations based on difficulty. Most noticeably right now, 2/3 runners are running easy whilst the other one runs normal.

We already have separation for the first game anyway so it would be nice to have consistency for the handheld series.

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No answer?
There is also another aspect to consider about the use of emulators, that I didn't know until recently. Apparently, In most GB games of this site VBA variants are banned for normal GB speedrunning as they are not accurate (run too fast), and are only accepted BGB, Gambatte or BizHawk (must use Gambatte core). I think it would be right insert this rule.
My run was made with mGBA. It's a variant di VBA, so it would be invalid.

Let me know!


yeah not a bad idea there! rules are good so not people by accident use wrong emulator and stuff, i use orginal stuff so i dont know nothing about emu 😃

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