All Stars Any% in 2h 56m 17s by SlevanasSlevanas - 1st place

Right before the new year and first sub 3 hour run ?

Played on Xbox One on

Submitted by SlevanasSlevanas on

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Name Duration Finished at
Hammer of Dawn 7m 27s 146ms 7m 27s
Nemacysts 7m 54s 097ms 15m 21s
Nassar's Armor 7m 04s 135ms 22m 25s
Baird 6m 08s 979ms 28m 34s
Poisonous Gas - -
Nemacysts Bot 20m 28s 797ms 49m 03s
Sofia 10m 10s 579ms 59m 13s
Smoke Nades 6m 17s 129ms 1h 05m 30s
Behind Locust 8m 24s 264ms 1h 13m 55s
Paduk 16m 48s 532ms 1h 30m 43s
Artillery Strike 6m 39s 010ms 1h 37m 22s
Torque/Breech 6m 02s 639ms 1h 43m 25s
Cole 12m 39s 061ms 1h 56m 04s
Powerful Locust 12m 26s 837ms 2h 08m 31s
Empty LS/Boltok 7m 27s 595ms 2h 15m 58s
Baird 9m 43s 683ms 2h 25m 42s
Smoke Traps 8m 25s 962ms 2h 34m 08s
Impaired Eyesight 12m 21s 603ms 2h 46m 30s
Present 9m 47s 363ms 2h 56m 17s
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