While I was busy grinding, I found out it is possible to exit High Street as well as Back Gardens, how the game intends you to exit), while completing not a single task! But since Garden, Pub, and Model Village have a task completed upon entrance, the game can't be finished(as in completing the bell return) without completing a task. After I made that conclusion, I realized that the areas with mandatory entrance tasks all have that task on the top of that area's to-do list. So May I suggest adding a category in which the runner's goal is to complete every first task as well as the bell return in as little amount of time? I apologize for my lengthy entry, I like writing.


How would you go about exiting both High Street and Back Gardens the way it was intended, without doing a task. I'm just curious?
I'm not sure what you mean by "task completed upon entrance the game can't be finished"?
For both are we using glitches or glitchless?

Anyway, your proposed category would be.

Get into the Garden.
Break the broom.
Make someone break the fancy vase.
Get in to Pub.
Get into Model Village.
Followed by bell return?


For your second question, we shall take Pub for example. The bell return can't be done without entering the pub and completing the "get into the pub task". The exact same with model village. So tasks such as these must be fulfilled to finish any run ending in bell return. Now to answer your first question, on how High St and Back Gardens can be completed as such. The High St garage door can be clipped through using a boot, as well as the side exit of the garage; the way the shopkeeper gets out of the garage normally. For Back Gardens, I took the same boot, went to the right of the purple plank(from the player view, not the goose) and kept attempting to phase through the fence until I succeeded. I intend that this run is not glitches, for the reason to complete only the tasks you listed above.


Okay, I understand you now.
There is no way to grab the bell without triggering "Get into the Model Village".

As for the purple fence, I wasn't sure if you could clip through as I have been sock clipping out the bottom of Tina's (Lady's) fence.

I am guessing you have been clipping through the alley between Back Gardens and High Street both in and out?

As for the category you proposed, you will have to wait for a Mod to answer.


So what I do, is I use the boot to do a reverse area order clip into High St. But with that clip, you can clip in but not out, so that is why I clip into the garage as to replicate as best I can what would be done in a any% glitchless or an AFT run. I did the same thing with back gardens so the goose gets thrown out of the house(it is possible to clip there) similar to how it does it in an AFT run. Basically, I want the first tasks of the run completed, while the game progresses as if it were being played casually.


Those clips sound good.

If I may add, I see you have Discord. We do have a Discord (link on the left). You will probably get a quicker answer from a mod on there.

Also recording a run will show people and mods the proposed category, route and rough timings.

Good luck! We do need more shorter categories so I can run them 😉


I deifnitely recommend making a video first before we add a category that might not actually get some runs in. 😉