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Hello Speedgeese!

The mod team has set up a few requirements regarding proofcalling your speedruns. These requirements are both for asthetics as well as making sure the run is legitimate.

- We do allow runs with a low bitrate or without sound as long as we can clearly see what is happening on the screen.

- We need a solid video and clear audio/sfx. Your voice and playing music over it is completely fine, as long as the SFX are clearly distinguishable.
Having minor frame-drops is not a huge problem, as long as the audio isn't interrupted in the video.

These rules apply to rules with a time lower than the following times:

Main categories:
- Any%: 3:00
- Glitchless: 15:00
- AMT: 18:00
- AHT: 25:00
- Hundo: 32:00

Misc categories:
- Bow%: Every time beneath 1:40
- Flower%: Top 10
- Rake in the Lake: Every time beneath 1:10
- Reverse Area Order: Top 10

Phone / Webcam / Camcorder recordings are perfectly fine, as long as the quality is high and the audio-quality is decent.

All runs not meeting these requirements will be rejected. All runs posted on or before October 25th will be grandfathered into the leaderboards. These guidelines might be modified at a later date.

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"All runs not meeting these requirements will be rejected" and "These rules apply to rules with a time lower than the following times:" Confuse me. Are you talking about a specific sentence when you say "All runs not meeting these requirements will be rejected"?


We have stricter submission guidelines for more competitive times.

The run you recently submitted, for example, has barely (or non) audible in-game music/sfx, which would be a problem for a sub-3 minute run.

Feel free to join the Discord; we're happy to answer any questions you have about the game, runs, or submissions.

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