UGG known Clips, Tricks and Glitches guide for any% - xZeKo

By xZeKoxZeKo. Last updated

Welcome to xZeKo’s guide.

This is the fastest any% route at the moment.

It may not be complete as there are still new discoveries and perfection to be solved.
If you still cannot do some of the tricks and glitches then you can either slow down the video in the video settings or pause and go frame by frame. Some videos do have inputs that you can try and copy.

If there are any additional questions, please ask in the Discord!


Two main glitches involve levitation and clipping.

Levitation is when you grab an item I.E. An apple or can, run to two vertical edges and keep dropping and grabbing while running at walls with the item to levitate.

Credits to Zallard1

Second is with a longer prop. I.E the boot. Grab the boot, run to two vertical edges and drop the boot while ducking and grabbing the boot back again. May have to wait a couple of ticks after dropping the prop, depending where your trying to levitate.

Credits to Dante Lloyd

Clipping is when you grab hold of the boot for example, run towards a vertical edge preferably two edges, drop, duck and grab then turn at an angle into the wall to clip through to the other side.

Credits to Dante Lloyd

Wiggle butt clip is the same sort of clip with an apple or can, but once turned you need to wiggle the butt of the goose to clip to the other side.

Credits to Dante Lloyd


Waiting gate skips: (Easy)

You can after unlocking the bolts, ride up the right side of the gate between the fence and the gate.
Credits xZeKo

You can also boot clip into the side of the gate jam the boot through and use the fence post and turn to completely clip through. (can clip through bolted or unbolted)
Credits to Ero


Geesus clip (boot clip from water up onto the path): (Medium)

Float run towards the edge of the water to either the rock or wooden edge and boot clip up onto the path. Credits to tkrz


Pub wall skip: (Medium to Hard)

You need to be by the wall and the bush on the old man, dartboard side. Place the boot between the wall and bush on the right, wait for goose to look at old man then proceed to grab the boot while slightly turning and hope the boot and most of the goose clips through the proceed to wiggle and turn till completely through.
Credits to Dante LLoyd

The other clip here is to be parallel with the wall facing the bush on the right and levitate with the boot to the railings and turn into the invisible wall and clip through.
Credits to Ero


Pub door skip: (Easy)

Yet again with the boot, run into the right side of the door to the trellis at a 45 degree angle, boot clip through while turning to clip through the door.
Don’t know who found this message me and I'll add credits.


Pub barrier skip: (Medium)

Go up and collect the plate from the shelf, turn back around so that you have the barrels to the left of the goose and the barrier do the boot skip. Run with the plate, make sure the plate clips into the barrier and barrels, turn into the barrier clipping through. (Make sure you don't over do it or you will get stuck behind the barrels or come back out left of the barrels) you can also try with the boot but a lot harder in my opinion.
Don’t know who found this message, me and I'll add credits.

There is a boot clip skip, but I found it too hard and have been unable to replicate it. Wedging yourself between the barrier and skip bin and duck hopefully get through the barrier.
(No video clip as of yet)


Miniature Village wall skip (Easy)

This is pretty simple to master, head with or without a prop to the barrier next to the mini building and drop grab duck turning should make you go over the wall.
Don’t know who found this message, me and I'll add credits.


Bell grab skip: (Medium)

Firstly you can grab a miniature person and levitate doing drop, duck, grab on the face of the tower, on the left side up the bell tower, get to the ledge drop the person and grab the bell. There is a sort of rhythm to this as quickly doing drop, grab, drop doesn't work. You have to grab, wait half a second and repeat drop grab.
Credits to Seij

A newer way discovered uses the miniature person again but this time go to the left of the bell tower, turn right to face it then proceed to do the above steps. This ensures that you hit the bell tower ledge without falling off, already aiming for the bell. Credits to PhilTrout

Secondly, you can keep the plate and go to the bush on the right side of the bell tower aim at the bush turn left so you are facing the tower and plate hover (basically drop and grab) up the side of the tower. Looks like the plate is sort of hiding round the side. Reach the top, drop the plate and grab the bell in a swift movement.
Credits to Zero9teen


Reverse miniature wall skip: (Easy)

Go back to where you basically walked over the wall while running hold duck and turn into the bush. This should make you walk back over the barrier.
Don’t know who found this message, me and I'll add credits.


Reverse barrier skip: (Medium to Hard)

Ok, this is somewhat tricky. People have there own take on how to do it but I will give you my own way of doing it.

Have the goose go back where you clipped out of the pub barrier. Run up to the wall on the left, right next to the Bush. (make sure you are right next to the wall!) Start turning slowly and you can start seeing the Goose sort of move around quick. (it's only very slightly so watch out of it) then all you do is hold duck facing the bush and start to gently wiggle and hopefully watch the goose go back up the wall and through the barrier. If you slide back out you went too far turning. You will know how much to wiggle and direction of the wiggle after practice.
Don’t know who found this, message me and I'll add credits.


Reverse swag clip: (Easy to Medium)

With the bell line up with the door and building on your right at a 45 degree angle. Then boot clip so your wedged into the corner then turn the goose into the door and you should clip straight through.
(Problem is you can't see much because the building is in the way) Credits to Zero9teen


Bell pub clip. (Hard)

Trickiest of them all. You need to run past the old man, to the right of the bench, past the two ladies get to the right of the bush and try and boot skip out with the bell. Drop, duck, grab in the corner of the bush and barrier.
If you get the bell and the goose neck through you can turn towards the bush and try and clip out.
Credits to Seij
If you can't then, try to drop, duck, grab and drop the bell out of the pub then head over to the other bench with the plate and try the drop, duck, grab and turn again until you can get the goose out of the pub.
(the NPCs will try and grab the bell off you as well making this the hardest clip)
My video.

Also I have found that if you drop the bell and the bell is too near the barrier is sort of hangs there wedged between the goose and barrier. When you duck and grab its still hanging and doesn't give you the momentum to get the goose through the barrier.


Reverse gate clip: (Easy)

When coming back through and you didn't unlock the gate on the way out, head to the left side of the gate and at an angle boot clip into the gate but aim at the fence post then when you got the bell and part of goose through turn so that the bell hits the post causing you to clip back through.
(I do not have a video as of yet)


...and Take it All the Way Back Home

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand the tricks used in any%. If you still require help then join the discord and ask in the #help section.
Enjoy the game and good luck!

If I got anything wrong or something that need changing please message me or find me in Discord - xZeKo