The D-pad Trick
2 years ago
United Kingdom

A quick post here about the d-pad trick for people who are not on the discord server or don't know about it:

It was recently discovered that using the d-pad in addition to the L-stick to move can make Bond reach full speed more quickly. This can be achieved by binding the d-pad and L-stick to the same keys.

If you are a mouse and keyboard player like me then you need to go to the bindings.ini file in your Xenia mousehook directory and change your keybinds to the following:

W = LS-Up + Up

We've been using it for around a week and this is what we know so far:

  1. The time save you get is around 0.17 seconds for each time you lose full speed, including at the start of the level.

  2. You only need to bind 'Up' on the d-pad to your forward L-Stick to benefit. Binding right and left from the d-pad do not seem to affect your acceleration, but it may slightly alter the direction of your strafing.

  3. It looks like you reach full speed by around 1.7 seconds rather than 3.4 seconds. This suggests that the game is double counting the inputs from the d-pad and L-stick in the acceleration phase.

  4. Your max speed, backwards speed and the speed loss from a strafe change do not seem to be affected.

  5. This is unique to the XBLA version of the game, doesn't work on n64 ;)

The trick also works with a controller, but you will need to use Steam big picture mode to perform the binding.

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Ontario, Canada

In order to set up the Dpad trick on controller, follow these steps:

  1. Add Xenia to your Steam game library.

  2. Launch Steam Big Picture Mode. In Settings -> Controller Settings, ensure Xbox/Playstation Configuration Support is checked.

  3. Launch Xenia and goldeneye through Steam Big Picture Mode.

  4. Press SHIFT+TAB to open the overlay.

  5. Under Controller Configuration, click on the left stick settings. Change the Style of Input from Joystick to Directional Pad. This ensures maximum strafing speed. Enter the Dpad up binding that is now on screen. Click on 'Remove' for a fresh start. Click on 'Enable Multi-Button ON'. The two inputs that you'll be setting are Left Stick Up and Dpad Up. The first of those will require you to use your controller rather than your mouse to scroll over to. It may look like it didn't work, but trust that it did for the moment.

  6. To check if you've done this correctly, go back two screens to the general Controller Configuration page. Under left stick up, you should see "LEFT STICK UP + DPAD UP". Now, whenever you are playing normally, you will reach max speed faster, saving 0.17.

This is the ideal setup for most players. It's comfortable and automatic.

Note: The only disadvantage of using this exact configuration is that you cannot also backstrafe in full speed, which is a niche trick on specific levels. That requires Left Stick Up + Exclusively Dpad Down. If you would like to modify your controls to enable this, Left Stick Up must only be set to Left Stick Up. Another button (like right bumper) must be set to Dpad Down. Whenever this button is held, Bond will strafe in reverse at full speed. In order to use the Dpad Trick, yet another button (like left bumper) must be set to Dpad Up and held for a couple seconds whenever Bond is gaining full speed.

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United Kingdom

Guess I should do this then đŸ˜¯

Minnesota, USA

Hi there, hello. I have some questions regarding the Xenia Emulator.

First, Since GoldenEye 007 doesn't have an aiming cursor at all times like Perfect dark is the Dot trick still accepted?

Second, when doing runs can you switch between HD and classic graphics or does it have to be one or the other?

Third, is it possible to use a tool called reshade that allows you to have an onscreen aiming cursor or does that count as a cheat?

Fourth, for mouse and keyboard does gun sway have to be turned on? Or can it be turned off as moving with the mouse can cause guns to de-sync.

Lastly, is there a guideline as to what version of the Xenia Emulator you can use for either Controller or mouse and keyboard? To my knowledge V1.13.4 (most current as of typing) has a game breaking bug when using the Grenade launcher it'll hard crash the emulator. V1.13.3 is the most stable as there's no game breaking crashes; as well as, music cuts and sound cuts.

Any responses would be appreciated


Florida, USA

Everyone uses a aiming cursor so yeah its allowed, you can use a dot in any way you like.

Swapping between graphics is allowed but be careful as it can cause lag spikes and can impact if a run is accepted or not if tons of frames are lost etc. Most players don't swap between them for this reason.

You can use any version you like.

Minnesota, USA

awesome thank you for the response, can gun sway for mouse and keyboard be turned off or does that have to stay on?

United Kingdom

Welcome! Zee answered the first two questions but on the other questions:

  1. Reshade is fine, several of us use it although it seems to create some issues with framerates on certain setups. If you have a gaming monitor they often have inbuilt crosshair overlays you can use which don't involve the use of external programs.

  2. Yes you can turn off gun sway, most players prefer it off as it can be distracting (set ge_gun_sway = false in the xenia settings file).

  3. You can use any version of the Xenia emulator. The later versions are much smoother in general so people tend to use those. The grenade launcher bug is the only real reason to use an earlier version.

Minnesota, USA

Okay thank you all for the responses!

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