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Hey! So I just got into this game and felt the page for this game could use some love! These are just my ideas, feel free to let me know what you think!

Change and Add Category
• Rename Garo% → Kouga% or Any% Kouga
• Add Rei% or Any% Rei

The reason for this name change is because the character's name aren't Garo or Zero, that's the name of their respective armor that they can transform into.
• Kouga Saezima → Transforms into Garo Armor.
• Rei Suzumura → Transforms into Zero Armor

It might be weird to use their transformation name. Also Zero% can a bit confusing since it sounds and reads as 0%.

Add Subcategories for all difficulties
• Easy
• Normal
• Hard
Here's just some basic rule template that I came up with.

• Beat the game as Kouga (Garo) - Category Specific
• Beat the game as Rei (Zero) - Category Specific


Time Starts:
Option #1. Upon pressing 牙狼Mode (Garo Mode)
Option #2 (Best). Upon selecting the first level
- Reason for this is if you unlock ZERO then you get the option to select between Rei (Zero) or Kouga (Garo) which might lose extra time than if you didn’t have both unlocked. More fair this way regardless I think.

Time Ends:
Option #1. Upon dealing the final blow to the last boss (As seen when slow-motion effect starts)
Option #2 (Best). When you can see Kouga’s face
- Much easier to time and much more exact to when time ends.
Option #3. When “WINNER” has stopped moving.
Visual Fixes
Background -
Rank Icon -
- Not the best ones tbh, I couldn't manage to find any good ones to make into icons. If you know any better, feel free to let me know.
Favicon - Same as Rank Icon
Discord -