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I'm wondering if there could be such a thing as most achievements run. What my vision of this run would be to get all the achievements that is'int one of those "play for X amount of time" or "meet creator of gmod" or "get X likes on workshop item". For the play 20 maps achievement you would have downloaded 20 maps before the run starts (or load ones from other source games it recognizes) and run those. Since the runs for source engine games track both with and without load times, I would highly recommend using the time that is without load times as it would be way less than with time. I'm mainly saying this as playing the the game on my former PC would take around 13 minutes to load a new map no matter what. My new PC I don't know as I'm only now installing Gmod. I'm curious to see if anyone here would do this run, I would, and might once I learn about that achievement manager for steam games.