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A category idea I had was 100 stars. The interesting thing about this is there are so many ways to do it. Plus you could have categories like 200, 300, 500 etc. The one problem I see with this category is that it may become 10 demons or 20 demons.
Anyway that's my idea.

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Im going to route this and see if it would be different than 10 demons

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Interesting but some people will be run in this category.


yeah most of these categories would eventually devolve into demon speedruns unfortunately.
even getting 500 stars fastest is probably just beating 50 demons in a row, as no other strategy really comes close to that (~10stars/minute if you don't die)

only other fast-star methods that i can think of are all significantly slower (10+ star official levels, demon map packs, etc.)


Yeah that makes sense, although if you completed xStep, Clutterfunk, ToE, CLubstep, Electrodynamix, Hexagon Force, ToE2, Deadlocked, and then Fingerdash, I think it would save time against just Online demons.


Comparing online demons to these levels, the "extra" stars you get past 10 stars is only 22 - roughly the same as you would get for beating 2 extra demons. So beating all 8 of the levels you suggest except xStep (only 10 stars) is roughly equivalent to beating 10 demons.
But doing all 8 of those levels in a row is over 10 minutes long, so unfortunately it takes longer to do then just beating 10 shorter online demons.


I see. I guess something interesting you could do was add a category called something along the lines of "X amount of stars, no demons." Which would force you to utilize different routing.

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