Autosplitter Guide

By MaximumMaximum Last updated

1. This will not work if you have a pirated copy of the game.
2. You must disable ALL Mega Hack addons before enabling the autosplitter; this includes textureldr. The autosplitter will not function properly with these enabled!
3. You must have sound effects and level percentage enabled for the autosplitter to work.

Step 1: Download LiveSplit
Step 2: Open LiveSplit, right click the window, hit "Edit Splits" and then select Geometry Dash for the game.
Step 3: Hit the "activate" button to activate the autosplitter. You will likely see a pop-up box prompting you to switch your current comparison to Game Time, where loads are factored out. Please select the "Yes" button.
Step 4: Select your desired category and add a split for each level.

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