All Map Packs Speedrun Estimated Length
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I decided to do some math to see how long an All Map Packs speedrun would take optimally. • 65 map packs • 3 levels per map pack × 65 map packs = 195 levels Let's assume each level takes about 90 seconds, or the length of a normal RobTop level (a lot of these levels use a RobTop level song and are the same length as the song). • 195 levels × 90 seconds = 17,550 seconds • 17,550 seconds / 3,600 seconds per minute = 4.875 hours (4:52:30) At best, an All Map Packs speedrun would still take about 5 hours. If each level took 10 minutes on average, you're looking at a 32+ hour speedrun. Good luck if you want to try it :^)

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Gotta love how because there were two asterisks for multiplication symbols it hid them and put everything in between them in italics :p


If you ignore level loads, possible speed skips, and menuing, the combined time of all map packs is 4:24:04.

good luck.

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I was looking for the length of every map pack so I could think of a theoretical speedrun of getting every steam achievement but you didn't even try to find the time


Maybe coming soon I make run all map packs with estimate 20 hours

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I was able to speedrun all the Map Packs in 7 hours, but it wasn't excepted since I didn't have a timer and it wasn't in one run.


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