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(LiveSplit) Autosplitter for Geometry Dash
Czech Republic

Does autospliter exist for Geometry dash? i use Live Split and it says that it doesnt, can somebody make auto splitter? i know you can just split on the end but for me it makes level switching slow :/


I just split when the level complete sign appears since controls are disabled during that time

Czech Republic

I split when the cube touches the end part of the level... but its not accurate everytime i must keep my finger on the split key

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New Jersey, USA
He/Him, They/Them
5 years ago

Same. Someone needs to make an autosplitter so you don't have to worry about bad splits/ switching.

United States

An autosplitter does not exist unfortunately. Dont worry about inaccurate timing tho cuz most runs are retimed to the frame.

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I can try to make a autosplitter

Galicia, Spain

I'm searching how to made it, but I don't know where can I found the values that I have to put in "pointer_path". Some help with this please?

Bremen, Germany

I split when entering a level by pressing "enter". If you enable global hotkeys in the live split settings, it splits and enters the level at the exact same time. Just set the button to split on "enter" and you're fine :)

Northern Ireland

I can't help sorry, I'm completely useless at all of this, besides an autosplitter really isn't needed.


I do know a little bit of the entire C language family, but i'm really good at C# and i'm average at C. If it's written in C++ i'm refusing.

PS: Its C++. What did i expect? it's a executable. The second i saw Pointers in the documentation i knew it.

Galicia, Spain

Finaly I made an autosplitter, but it doesn't make the final split. Please, I need someone to test it. I don't know where I can upload it

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Northern Ireland

@lucumon Assuming it's compatible with LiveSplit I will be happy to test it, let me know when its available :D

Galicia, Spain

@scoagogo , yes it is compatible with livesplit, but it splits when you start other level, no when you finish the level. I made it very simple, but my plan is to improve it. Is the first autosplitter I do, so I think that is normal. How can I send it to you?


i hate how the type of ASL programming works. In general, how C++ programming works. Why? because it's such a crude language, might as well just learn binary and write your pointers to it.


I know something about C++

glent kabykov glent vlad bumaga

Toronto, ON, Canada

@Maximum in the autosplitter guide wdym by "select geometry dash in livesplit"?

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Manitoba, Canada

@VexxR22 he means select it as the game you’re running

Toronto, ON, Canada

@Big_Mukmuk But specifically how do I do that in live split? What am I supposed to click on? I'm so confused.

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READ THIS BEFORE DOING RUNS (Autosplitter / Mega Hack Setup)

NOTE: You MUST disable all Mega Hack addons before doing runs for the autosplitter to properly function! This includes textureldr.

It seems like almost have of the PC Geometry Dash speedrun submissions are from people who are not using the autosplitter. The autosplitter is required for your run

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