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2 months ago
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Hey so one of the fastest ways to play is to flag and click so you get all the tiles around it, what if there was a category where you couldn't do that and had to play without that 'multi click' or just without flags in general. I personally prefer doing it without flags and it would just add to the playstyle so this would be pretty nice

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Texas, USA

Just don’t use flags. No flags shouldn’t be a separate category.


I think we could have it as a category as it fundamentally changes how you play speed, and although it would compete with flagging in the normal leaderbord anyways if your personal best is no flags, having its own leaderboard would be cool to see other people's times as well.

Texas, USA

I like the idea. The only problem is that if you look at the top 5, 3/5 of them are already doing flagless. I feel like the top players of a flagless category would be the same just because they already don’t use flags.

I could be wrong though and I can see it being some kind of almost practice like category where people are learning flagless so people can get higher in the main leaderboard.

I can see there being both pros and cons to the idea. Because of this I’m going to retract my original statement and instead say, that it could go either way with how this category turns out.


Look at the category for android devices, everyone uses flags there, but yes, on PC devices it will be a bit strange

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