A bug with electrograins that could be useful
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A bug with electrograins that could be useful
Andalusia, Spain

Hello! I was playing casually today and found myself with a bug that I haven't seen reported anywehre. Basically, I got bugged in a way that changed the properties of the character (when jumping from purple thing to purple thing with those electrograins) and the game didn't set them back. The movement is quite useful and lasts for a long time, so maybe it could be useful for something.

From what I've seen now in this forum the ideas seem a bit limited, so in case this is replicable and consistent, maybe it's useful for something! Have a look at this video for more details:

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Thank you for sharing your experience with this bug. It's always helpful for the community to know about these things, especially if it's something that hasn't been reported before.

I watched the video you linked and I have to say, that bug does look pretty interesting. It's always exciting to discover new ways to move around in the game and this one seems to offer some unique benefits. However, as you mentioned, it's important to keep in mind that exploiting bugs for personal gain can have consequences.

If the bug is replicable and consistent, it would be a good idea to report it to the game developers so they can look into it and potentially fix it. That being said, it's possible that they may choose to leave it in the game if they determine that it's not causing any major issues or imbalances.