GG Speedrunning Marathon in Benefit of CDKL5 finished on .


Marathon Request:

Name: GG Speedrunning Marathon
Dates: September 28th to 30th

GG is a community of streamers trying to organize events on mixer and trying to improve the presence of speedrunners in the platform. You don't need to be a Mixer streamer so submit a run.

The intention for the maraton is to run 24 hours from September 28 (starting around 4 CST) all the way until around 10pm CST on Sunday Sept 30th.

The marathon is also intended to help the organization CDKL5 Research and help spread awareness of CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder. Any donations (if any) will go directly to the organization, no money will ever pass through our hands at all.

Any number of submissions can be made per runner (of course not 100% of the runs will be accepted) and there are no special restrictions as to only 100% runs or only Retro games or anything like that.

So feel free to join us on discord, submit your runs and participate in this event! 🙂