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Currently Geometry Wars 3 only has categories which cover Adventure mode. But the games has more levels than Adventure now.
So here's my suggestions for categories:
1) Ultimate runs. It's second campaign added in Evolved update, 40 new levels. I think it should have presence on leaderboards.
2) Hardcore runs. 10 new levels. Let it be on boards as well.
3) All Bosses and Reverse Boss Order. While not necessary I guess, it could be fun as well. Can be divided on Adventure, Ultimate and Hardcore
4) 3 stars runs. Again, not necessary, but I think it will be like 100% for GW3.
5) True any% By that I mean you wipe out your progress with upgrades and unlock them one by one (like casually for the first time). I don't know if this is a good idea or not, need to see other opinions.

I think that's it. I think 1 and 2 more important than 3 to 5. Anyway, looking out for your takes and opinions.

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I like the ideas. I have to take some time to organize the leaderboards. I only recently got the mod status, the previous mods are pretty much gone.

In the mean time, if you want to do runs that currently don't have categories, you can submit the runs to Topaz and I'll make sure to create and put it on the correct category.

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Wow, changes are up already! Cool to see, thank you. I definitely keep streaming and running the game 🙂

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The categories are up now but they don't have any rules/info.

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What if we had a multiplayer section as well? For the ten levels that are offered for local coop.

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Co-op would be cool, and dividing ultimate mode into it's respective 10 level categories would be nice to see.

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Hello, to revive a pretty old (but seemingly among the most recent) thread. I love the Geometry Wars series and if theres still anyone around here I will be uploading my runs as I complete them. I would like to second the 5th recommendation above and have a fresh, new game with no upgrades category as well as New Game+ category.

I have no idea how much work that would be but I figured Id throw it out there for what its worth.


I would like to do a "hardcore all stars" speedrun

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