Was the N64 category just removed?
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Was the N64 category just removed?
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Just came on today, N64 category isn't showing at all. What happened? Is this just me?

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It has an error

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So it should be back up later?

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The collective of mods for the SRC page have all agreed to remove the n64 category for the page due to extremely low activity as well as the rankings page already existing over at https://rankings.the-elite.net/. The SRC page will continue to be home for the emulator runs.

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I feel that's a terrible excuse, firstly activity was definitely higher than other categories I've seen. I mean it N64 had 2 submissions verified yesterday before its removal. Low activity doesn't warrant the category being nuked, look at SM64's 0 and 1 star categories for reference. Most of the runs there are years old, no one there has thought of nuking the categories for that reason. The fact that other sites hold the same categories also isn't specifically a good reason. It you think that is untrue or unreasonable, check the Ultimate Doom and Doom II SRC pages. These games also have DSDA, a much larger page for that game. My point is, just because it's not popular or has other hosts doesn't mean it shouldn't exist here also.

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I will give my thoughts on why this is ultimately the right decision:

  1. The elite has 20+ years of experience and expertise in verifying and ranking console runs for goldeneye. Any runners who have the ability to competently verify runs will already be members of that community and naturally they will prefer verification to be done using the same system and standards as the elite. If other communities have two or more ranking systems then good for them, but it doesn't make it beneficial or optimal to do so.

  2. There is no reason to fragment the community. The elite has a wealth of resources and experience to help new runners learn how to tackle each level. It is beneficial to pool all that knowledge in the same place.

  3. Inactive or barely active rankings give a misleading picture of the true state of each record. Many new untied and tied WRs are achieved each year but most runners will not post them here. Rankings and times pages should be about celebrating and recognising the achievements of people who push the boundaries of these games, not just ego stroking.

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So, I didn't notice this change until I went to submit an RTA run yesterday. Since I was unable to submit a console RTA run, I simply deleted my old submissions. I didn't want my Speedrun profile to list GE runs which are no longer PBs. But I'm disappointed because I'd like my Speedrun profile to show the the full spectrum of games that I run. I have a speedrun account mainly because of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES game. But for people who actually click on my profile/list of runs to see what I do, I wish they could see it and say "Oh, huh, this guy runs GoldenEye too?" Now that my GoldenEye runs are gone, they'll never know. If anyone looks me up, they'll think I just run NES games. (And I didn't delete my GE runs out of sour grapes over this change. It's just that I don't want my profile to list runs which are not actual PBs anymore.) I'm disappointed and confused that we would want to make The-Elite more isolated and less discoverable by general speedrunners of other games.

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Thanks, although I'm actually now more confused. Were the old rankings lost?

In principle I agree with Onslatt's comment that leaderboards should have the top runners listed at the top, and I remember the RTA record board here being pretty on-point in that regard. Which makes me realize that the point I was trying to make yesterday could be grossly misinterpreted, so I apologize for that.

I guess I should have split my thoughts into two: I have mixed feelings for the IL leaderboards either way, because I don't remember them reflecting the true state of the game at any point, and I don't know if speedrun.com's structure is set up in a way that can reflect how quickly Goldeneye IL rankings can change.

But full-game RTA rankings are more the domain of speedrun.com, and I remember seeing Clemens and Rutzou and Ace and such ranked at the top here. So it was cool that, you know, Cheese's Mario 64 runs are on this site, Arcus's Ninja Gaiden runs are on this site, and hey, go visit the Goldeneye section and find out that these Goldeneye guys are awesome too, just like Cheese or Arcus! As a corollary to my comment about not wanting GE to be isolated from the larger speedrunning community, GE should be promoting its top guys as on-par with the top guys of other games. But it doesn't work if they're not listed.

So to go back to my original "But what about ME and I want people to see MY runs!" I also want my runs to be ranked where they deserve to be ranked: around 75th place or so in the Any% RTA category. If Clemens and Rutzou and Ace are not at the top, then... I guess I'm not that interested in it. Sorry for being a picky a**hole about it.

It looks like maybe there's more going on here than I realized initially. So I apologize if I came in hot without understanding the full situation.

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So, I posted a few of my runs on the new GE N64 page.

Then I went to check my profile and realized that the IL runs for console still exist on this page too. https://puu.sh/Hj8oB/85ed262345.png

I would suggest just removing all the console runs from this page since they shouldn't be associated with this page that is strictly for 60fps emulator runs now.

Where should I post N64 runs if there isn't any N64 catagory? I'm new to this so I don't really know what I'm doing

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Good day SoupyMittens. If you'd like to keep your runs on speedrun.com, the N64 rankings are located at https://www.speedrun.com/goldeneye_007_n64

There is also the option to join The Elite Rankings, which is a more current, up to date rankings of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark that also assigns points depending on how strong the times you submit are! You can find that website here, https://rankings.the-elite.net/goldeneye

Thank you for reaching out and good luck!

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