Just Saying Hi :)
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Just Saying Hi :)
Somerset, England

Hi All, I've Dabbled With The Idea Of Speed Running For A While After Watching Numerous Videos Online.

So I Thought I'd Come See What's Going On And It's Rather Adictive But Also Rewarding, So I've Practiced Each Level For A Few Hours And Have Uploaded My Times As A Mark Of Where I Currently Am :D

I Enjoy Making My Own Playthroughs Etc.. For Youtube And Have Been Playing Games For Over 30 Years (yup getting old lol).

I Will Say That If You Check Out My Youtube I'm Rather Profound But In An Amusing Way 🙂.

Thanks - CJ.

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United Kingdom

Welcome CJs, great to see you post a few runs.

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California, USA

Welcome CJs!

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Maryland, USA

Greetings CJs!

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Victoria, Australia

hello everyone spook here im a mid 30's Aussie gamer recently got back into playing goldeneye on 1964 emulator just for the nostalgia from playing it as a kid but that went from casual playthrough to now looking forward to PBs and grinding streams for hopefully some decent times to post on youtube, also i like seeing and hearing about everyones PBs and its awesome to see how everyone encorages and helps each other, great community best of luck to everyone on their times cheers, spook :-)