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So much "delete this run" "this run is cheated"... I accept only runs that i know there is no auto-clickers! I can't understand what is fucking mousekeys and why all talk about it. As i know it's programm with keyboard on icon, if i right - Xcvazer's new world record has this programm off too,should i reject it or accept? I really thinking about rejecting ALL (cheated or no,no sense) sub 4 seconds runs because of you all. Sorry for bad english...

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If I were you I would proceed with either of the following options:

1. Ban the use of mouse keys and other similar programs and delete all sub 4 second runs. All runners must submit a full screen video to make it clearer for mods to verify.

2. Create a new category called "With Mouse Keys" and shift all sub 4 second runs there. Also require all runs to be recorded in full screen.

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it's not a program it's the mouse key activate Icon that I show just to prove that i'm using it


Mousekeys is a shortcut you can enable by pressing ALT+SHIFT+NUMLOCK
Once activated, you can control the mouse using the numpad keys
Numpad '7/home" = Moves mouse up and left
Numpad "8/up' = Moves mouse up
Numpad '9/pgup" = Moves mouse up and right
Numpad "4/left" = Moves mouse left
Numpad "5" = Left click once
Numpad "6/right" = Moves mouse right
Numpad "1/end" = Moves mouse down and left
Numpad "2/down" = Moves mouse down
Numpad "3/pgdn" = Moves mouse down and right

Numpad "+" makes the mouse left click twice

For some reason, when you have mousekeys enabled and press Numpad "5" or Numpad "+" it makes the runner go forward.
Pressing Numpad "5" and Numpad "+" at the same time acts as 3 clicks, making the runner move forward 3 times.

this is a lot faster than normally using the left and right arrow keys.

This should clear everything up about mousekeys, if you have any questions feel free to ask

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