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Mousekeys is a shortcut you can enable by pressing ALT+SHIFT+NUMLOCK
Once activated, you can control the mouse using the numpad keys
Numpad '7/home" = Moves mouse up and left
Numpad "8/up' = Moves mouse up
Numpad '9/pgup" = Moves mouse up and right
Numpad "4/left" = Moves mouse left
Numpad "5" = Left click once
Numpad "6/right" = Moves mouse right
Numpad "1/end" = Moves mouse down and left
Numpad "2/down" = Moves mouse down
Numpad "3/pgdn" = Moves mouse down and right

Numpad "+" makes the mouse left click twice

For some reason, when you have mousekeys enabled and press Numpad "5" or Numpad "+" it makes the runner go forward.
Pressing Numpad "5" and Numpad "+" at the same time acts as 3 clicks, making the runner move forward 3 times.

this is a lot faster than normally using the left and right arrow keys.

This should clear everything up about mousekeys, if you have any questions feel free to ask

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Hello, this post is actually useless. You can connect as many mouses as you want to your computer and play with hands, feet, your nose, you can train your pet to spam the mouse for you. It's just that you can play with keyboard or with the mouse.