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I figured I'd ask here since finding information elsewhere is likely to be a huge pain in the ass. Playing Galidor I've found the grapple to be near impossible to use consistently. I can't get it to swing very much and sometimes any momentum cancels when I let go of the grapple anyway.

You can watch me suffer here:

I've watched MyTMorty's run of the same part of the level above and it looks way more like what a grappling ability should look like. So I'd like to know what causes the grapple to misbehave like this and what the fix is. I know this is a speedrunning forum not a troubleshooting one, but with my game running as it is I have no hope of even attempting a speedrun (unless I can somehow master the insane speed I can get from my glitchy grapple). I'm on Windows 10 and have tried different compatibility settings with little to no change to the grapple though sometimes the blaster stops working with these different settings.

Any insight anyone could provide would be welcome as I'd really like to play this game as intended and speedrun it at some point. Thank you!