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Post any ideas about heroic strats here.


Kriziki with 80-dmg Mind Blast Priest: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​NC9MBrV

Think I'm happy with this deck. Strat is to just stall/draw/heal until you got the 80 dmg combo.
(Thaurissan + Mirage Caller, into Velen + Mirage Caller + Volazj + Mind Blast)

Board Clears mainly rely on Psychic Scream & Plague of Death. Shadow Visions helps giving more board clears, and helps make it consistent to get Psychic Scream before turn 7.

I think Mass Hysteria/Lightbomb isn't that effective because of the Reborns. Easier to just use your heal or draw before using Psychic Scream on turn 7.
I also want to avoid directly killing Albatross without silence.

Some extra notes:
- Mirage Caller: Using only 1 Mirage Caller could also work, since he usually will give you the Caller back with his Diamond Wings. Can't guarantee this though if he have Chronobreaker or multiple minions on his board, so I still put two to be safe.
- Mass Dispel: Not sure if it's needed, since board clears also act as a silence anyway. But this also helps in card draw anyway, and will help in situations where it's convenient to kill Albatross early.
(Also note that AI seems guaranteed to have Albatross in turn 3)
- Shadowreaper Anduin: Not sure if this is needed as well. Could help in having more board clear for late game, and hero power to kill the reborned minion.
(Edit: I swapped DK Anduin with a Soup Vendor in my 41-min PB, Anduin isn't needed and the Soup Vendor helps in giving even more card draws)


Sir Finley with aggro warrior: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​Meqd8hf

This one works well, can consistently get a turn5-6 kill (usually turn 5).

Aggro warrior isnt as consistent for Reno though, cause he have lots of board clear
Also cant work well against Dr Boom because he have 60 HP instead of 30 (and Dr Boom have board clears for small minions)
Not sure what will be effective against those two, probably need to try a tempo deck

Edit: Updated the deck to include Frenzied Felwing now that it's out. Obviously a good addition to any aggro decks.


Dr. Boom with zoo: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​UVzaZwY

Consistent and usually got kills in turn 7-9.

At first I tried zoo cause I thought eggs will be a good way to play around his board clears. But seems like it's better to just play straightforward minions and not worrying about his board clears.

Platebreaker turns out to be useful, got to use it on turn 5/6 for more than 50% of my attempts. I'll keep it in mulligan if I have it

Diseased Vulture turns out to be really good with all the other self-damage cards.

Haven't tried all zoo staple cards such as Fungalmancer or Soulfire. Also haven't tried any other midrange decks intensively.


Slipstream with Druid, using Linecracker + Bees: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​k0dglZG

Not sure if the deck composition is optimal, but it's consistent so far. Often finished the fight in 10 turns or less as well.
I mulligan for the early defense cards.

The cannons can't kill Linecracker after you play him, which makes this combo works 100%.

- AI doesn't play around Depth Charge, they'll play minions with the Charge alive. They do play around Doomsayer though.
(One time Wanderer also used his Sharkbait spell on my Void Ripper instead of Depth Charge)
- When AI plays the 0/4 rocket cannon on turn 1, it's better to play Scorp-o-matic instead of Crazed Alchemist. Because the Rocket will trade against your 1/2, while it won't against your 2/2, which saves you 5 HP.
- Rising Winds are mainly used for the card draw
- Don't need to use hero power if there's no need to attack, your HP isn't an issue usually

Edit: For Wanderer, I'll include Crystal Power & Wrath, replacing Gyrocopter and Novice Engineer.
The fight is a bit harder because of his Parrot spell, which can kill a Doomsayer or Depth Charge from full health. Crystal Power could kill the 2-HP parrot or rocket, or heal Linecracker if it got damaged to <5 health.
Decklist: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​DWJahk7


Rotwing with Token Druid: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​rwh5ub0

I think it's the best class because of the cheap buffs making it easier to score lethal. And the important egg/buff deathrattles are neutral anyway. Consistently winning in turn 6-7, small chance to get turn 5 kill as well.

- Was thinking of putting Zealous Initiate (1-drop deathrattle of buffing a random friendly minion by 1/1), but seems it's just unnecessary animation time for a small buff.
- Saboteur probably isn't useful cause the effect is only useful from turn 6, when the game's about to be over anyway


Dragonflights with Freeze Mage: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​tJZC9ki

Straightforward deck. Flamecannon is good in early game, especially against the 5/4 Evasive Feywing.


Talritha with Odd Paladin: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​UcTb6UJ

Turn 6 kill most of the times, game could go between turn 5-7.

- Put in Beaming Sidekick and Elven Archer cause enemy often have bigger minions, and these minions helps in maintaining minion count while trading.
- Leeroy Jenkins's whelps could help in buffing your minions as well
- Usually when i already have lots of minions, i stopped trading non-dragons and just hit face with my minions
- Tried Token Druid a bit, but Odd Paladin seems more consistent since it's not draw dependant. Haven't tried to deckbuild druid properly though for this boss.


Dawnshatter with Odd Paladin: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​ZP16ETr

Biggest issue with Dawnshatter is her Crazed Netherwing. Things get significantly harder when she has it, cause it's obviously a really strong board clear.

With Odd Paladin having good early game from hero power, I can also put more late game cards to use in case things go bad. Still a bit of chance to lose when she played Netherwing in turn 5-6, but probably no other tempo deck can be as consistent as this one.

Huge variance in the finishing time, could go between turn 7 - 12, partly because how different the game will be with or without Netherwing.

Usually after turn 5/6, I mainly go face when I already have a solid minion, cause she probably won't use Netherwing anymore (since she used it or never had it). Decisions to go face or trade sometimes aren't obvious in this boss.

Also normally I played safe before turn 5/6, usually choose to trade with my small minions to play around Netherwing.


Galakrond with Alexstrasza Priest: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​Sb7UTPW

Don't know if there's any other reliable ways for this boss. Won my last several attempts in a row with no issue.

Want SW:D or Mass Hysteria to kill his early 8/8s, then just keep stalling until you get Alexstrasza and bursts. DK Anduin and Platebreaker can be used to get rid of his armors.

Probably preferable not to use Pyschic Scream against Veiled Worshiper, to prevent him from reusing it and get more card draws.


Rafaam&Galakrond with Mechathun: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​us8yklM

Think I've won about 70% of my tries, with most losses coming from my own mistakes. This deck is harder to play than I expected.

- AI won't attack when he's transforming to Galakrond. So putting a Depth Charge or Doomsayer before his 5th invoke is usually safe, though there's a chance Rafaam used Time Rip on the Depth Charge/Doomsayer.
- No Plague of Flames, found them unreliable cause Rafaam can easily put so many minions.
- Really useful to have Depth Charge or Doomsayer before his 5th invoke, so you get a clean board after Galakrond pops up. This allows you to play Harrison Jones/Hemet/Valdris safely
(Also note that Galakrond won't use his weapon the turn his pops up)
- I usually didn't use any board clears for the first two turns, though I might put Explosive Sheep on board at turn 2. I think it's preferable to save your board clears until turn 3, especially he often deal 1 damage to his own minions on turn 3 with the Invoke! spell.
- Took out Healbot in place of Mistress of Mixtures, found them clunky to play at 5 mana and the Reno Jackson is usually enough.
- There's a very small chance you lose from his Chaos Gazer hitting your Mechathun. Happens to me once throughout lots of attempts. As per Scrublord's suggestion, can use Plot Twist if you want to tech against it.

Edit: I made the previous deck without knowing about the Corrupting Mist + Taunt exploit. This exploit turns out to be really useful for this fight, making the fight more consistent.
Here's my updated decklist: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​yP2bmgW


Togwaggle with Stickyfinger Mage:

Every class can do Stickyfinger strats reliably thanks to Captain's Parrot. I tried Mage cause I think freezes will make the game's animation faster compared to other classes, and Flame Ward + Ancient Mysteries give a consistent board clear before the Stickyfinger.

I won around 70% of my attempts, with some losses from my mistakes and really unlucky random effect.

I mulligan for Flame Ward/Ancient Mysteries, Captain's Parrot/Kobold Stickyfinger, Doomsayer, Depth Charge & Research Project. Platebreaker can be kept if I already have other important early cards in my hand.

Ideal situation will be to use Flame Ward on turn 4, followed by a Stickyfinger on turn 5. Doomsayer or Depth Charge could be an alternative board clear for turn 4 as well.
Using Depth Charge on turn 3 could be good as well since AI might play Waxadred into your Depth Charge.

Finishing time is usually between 3-5 minutes, although could go to 6+ minutes once in a while when you're very unlucky

- Freezing Potion and Glacial Shard is normally used on the enemy hero
- Added Polymorph cause of Waxadred, Ragnaros & possible huge minions from his random effects.
- Don't think I need to add more card draws for this deck. Research Project is good cause I can use it on turn 2 when I usually don't do anything anyway

Edit: I tried putting in Frost Lich Jaina in my 41 minute run, trying to see if it's good for late game in case the game went slow. I think I'll still prefer to put Blizzard instead of Jaina after all.

Ashes of Outland update:
Deep Freeze is a good late game for this fight. Freezes Togwaggle and immediately providing more freezes later on.
Here's the list I'll go with: AAEBAf0EApfBAqCAAw5NigGuA5IEywT1D4S7ArT8Ar+kA/SrA/uwA4SxA4ixA97EAwA=


George with Odd Paladin: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​K5oEqSl

At first, I tried a Non-odd Paladin and a Token Druid deck, thinking that some of the even cards works well for this boss. (Quicksand Elemental, Belligerent Gnome/Druid of the Swarm, Volcanic Drake, Sea Giant, Consecration/Swipe)
But I can't have it as consistent as Odd Paladin, cause the early game can't be as consistent. It's probably not faster than Odd Paladin as well, i usually finish the game between turns 7-10 with this deck.

With this Odd Paladin deck, the contents are a lot different than the Odd Paladins I've tried for other bosses. Want lots of 1-drops that are good against his recruits.

- Hobgoblin is a good mid/late game card with tons of 1-drops in this deck.
- Kobold Apprentice & Sergeant Sally is a decent way of clearing his recruits as well.
- Faceless Corruptor is a card I forgot to try out on my recent Odd Paladin tests, might want to revisit them as well to see if this card fits well.
- Bittertide Hydra have even better value here compared to other fights, AI often like to hit Hydra with his weapon, even when sometimes they don't have enough damage to kill it yet. Which means more damage to face.
- I didn't put in Kobold Stickyfinger cause stealing weapons doesn't seem to do that much in this fight. Only weapon that's very good to steal is Vinecleaver, which only pops up in late game and I think that weapon doesn't seem to do that much for late game.
- I've tried Fungalmancer, Flesheating Ghoul & Dragonmaw Scorcher, but I cut it for other cards.


Skruk with Alexstrasza Mage: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​5GMIo7f

Based on Monk's list. Lots of card draws, freezes to stop enemies, and Mirror Entity to get a minion that lets you kill Skruk after you used Alexstrasza.

Can also add Arcane Artificier for extra armors plus Elemental synergy with Elemental Allies.
Stargazer Luna can be used for card draws as well.


Reno Jackson with Aggro Warrior: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​BIlWkYk

I tried this aggro warrior deck for the first Reno fight. Basically you just go face with all the damage cards. Not sure how optimal is this list.

Unlike playing pirate warrior, I don't depend on having a board at all with this one. Reno got board clears which makes the regular aggro decks inconsistent. This one isn't as fast as pirate warrior, but should be more consistent.

I usually win in turn 6-8 (turn 9 is rare), with about 70%-80% winrate. Reno can still screw you by playing a Water Elemental, or getting Mirror Image from his random effect, or from healing with his Arcane Artificier.

I tried tempo decks like zoo or Odd Paladin as well, but it doesn't seem to be more consistent or faster since it still depends on having minions alive.

One benefit of having lack of minions is that his random spells have more chance of hurting his own characters.


Nithogg with Mechathunlock: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​Q4nqvf9

Because of Nithogg's hero power, I can't depend on the cheap card draw minions I used in other Mechathunlock decks, which makes it slower. I usually finish between turn 11 - 13 (turn 11 usually only when I got early Hemet).

I got around 75%-80% winrate with this, with my losses usually happens from not playing optimally. Still not sure if this deck is optimal.

I mulligan for cards with <=3 mana cost (except Oracle/Bloodbloom) and Dragonmaw Poacher.

I put in Twisting Nether mainly for his Eye of the Storm, but could be used anytime he have a strong late game board. Using the Corrupting Mist + Taunt/Doomsayer exploit also works well for a board clear.

I tried putting in Darkbomb as well to deal with his 1-drops (Tunnel Trogg & Surging Tempest), but found them to not be that threatening enough, and other board clears handle them well.


Chenvaala with Mechathunlock: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​jLTDUVc
Generic Mechathun deck. I tried Corrupting Mist here instead of Dark Skies, cause he have lots of tough minions early on, which makes Dark Skies less effective.
It's possible to beat this boss with Necrium Apothecary + Deathwing Dragonlord strats, if you're willing to do a reset-heavy strats. But it might not be fast if the boss have lots of freezes for your big dragons.

Askaara with Mechathunlock: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​2hUK8oF
Generic Mechathun deck with Dragonslayer for the tech card. Didn't put in Dragonmaw Poacher cause that could make Hemet effect slower and the deck is already consistent enough.
Trying a midrange deck against this boss doesn't seem to be consistent and faster, since she have board clears and huge taunts.

Sr. Explorers with Odd Paladin: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​YCHPaDB
Have a lower-cost curve than the other Odd Paladin decks here, cause this boss is easier and you don't need late game minions to win. Have Saboteur and Blowtorch Sabouteur as well to tech against the auto-cast hero power.
There's a very small chance of getting screwed over by them using Scales of Justice treasure, since there's no counterplay against that.
I've tried Token Druid against this boss as well, since this boss have a weak early game which allows you to build up the board easily. But I think I still prefer the consistency of Odd Paladin.


George & Karl with Mechathunlock: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​EPhxA7r

Seems unrealistic to try winning this with a midrange deck since the opponent starts at 3 mana and can build up board fast. So Mechathun is probably the fastest way.

Not sure if this deck is optimal, still have about 10% chance to lose maybe if he have a good start and i dont draw enough board clears quickly.

For mulligan, I'll aim to have two board clears in hand. Want to focus on clearing the board for the first few turns.


Amazing Reno with Mechathunlock: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​bxOagid

Think I'm going with a non-highlander deck for this boss. Still expecting a bad winrate, at most 1 win out of 3 or 4 fights. Don't think there's much else you could try against this boss since he have ridiculous amount of bursts and no weaknesses to exploit, although I'm not sure how optimal this deck is.

Some notes on card choices:
- Treachery is good overall, since you have 2x Depth Charge & 2x Doomsayer to combo it with.
- Dragonmaw Poacher is decent since he played dragon pretty often, didn't use Dragonslayer though cause a lot of his dragons are at >6 health.
- Aranasi Broodmother has been pretty good in my attempts, with her free healings. The taunt could also be a bit useful if you have nothing else to play.
- Not sure if I want to put Hemet Jungle Hunter or not, might still be a good idea to put him in. Although I think it's too risky to put 2x Bloodblooms in this deck, which makes the Hemet have less chance to be effective.
- Zilliax seems mediocre in this fight cause he can easily kill your Zilliax with spells, and 3 attack probably won't kill any minions.

I also tried this highlander deck: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​xojQzWa

Zephyrs, Kazakus and guaranteed Reno healing are obviously good. But the board clears are less consistent since you only have 1x Twisting Nether. Treachery probably won't be that effective as well with only 1x Depth Charge and Doomsayer.

Not sure if there's a significant difference in winrate.


Avalanchan with Freeze Mage:

Often got turn 10 kill, haven't tried to compare the time with Mechathunlock but is probably faster due to less animation.

Note that when you play Alexstrasza, he'll start playing multiple Molten Giants and very likely will freeze your Alexstrasza.

I didn't put Ice Block but it's probably fine to put one for safety, in case you can't clear/freeze the board before playing Alexstrasza.

I don't keep cheap freeze like Freezing Potion and Ray of Frost in mulligan, since he have very weak early game. I do keep Frost Nova cause of how useful it is though.